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>Cascading Cat Litter  - James Howard Kunstler - 
This time around, we have newspaper visions in common James. Mine has a slightly different twist. Wikileaks has proven themselves on BOTH fronts as a superior news source. On a "Need To Know" basis, Wikileaks published the events and the paperwork ALL Americans "Need to Know." On the second front, EVERYTHING Wikileaks published has proven to be TRUE. None of our newspapers ~ Fake as they are ~ can make either claim.

I'm having one of those throw-back, nostalgic, old school visions. I see a teenage boy hawking newspapers on a street corner yelling out the headlines: "Most Dramatic, Legendary Trial of an Innocent Man Since the Crucifixion of Christ ! !" "Get the story here !"

247 days ago
Beginning of the headline :And so now Julian Assange of Wikileaks has been dragged out of his sanctuary in the London embassy of Ecuador for failing to clean his cat’s litter box. Have you ever cleaned a litter box? The way we always did it was to spread some newspaper — say, The New York Times — on the floor, transfer the used cat litter onto it, wrap it into a compact package, and put it in the trash. It was interesting to scan the Comments section of The Times’s stories about the Assange arrest: Times readers uniformly... Read More
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