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>Exploding the Myth of Unbacked Silver Certificates and Phony Silver Storage  - Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Dear Antal...very interesting article. Thank you. But for many of us, connecting the dots between your "lesser fraud" providing cover for the "greater fraud" is not intuitive, at least in terms of what we as individuals should or could do about it.

In particular, how can these criminals / mafioso banksters "use" the physical silver for these purposes without having it under their control, on their own books? If you are saying that that IS the silver they use for these purposes, ie, the "bull in bear's clothing," then taking personal physical delivery of the silver would preclude this activity, yes?...or am I missing something? So then, the solution to this part of the problem, negatively speaking, ie, the means to end this detrimental (to the value of silver owners' silver) situation, is getting physical silver out of their control, if I understand this correctly.

On the other hand, you imply that those who hold silver are missing out on much profit by not getting interest / added value from it?...through the use of what?...derivatives again? Those who store their own silver gain no interest or added value, it is true...only the added value of increase in "price," which could be argued is not really added value, but simply the reflection of the debasement of the currency in which they would perhaps eventually be paid (or presently be paid were they to sell it now). How would one gain on one's own stash of silver at the present? what mimicking of the banksters? How would the individual owner of physical silver do that?

If my questions reveal a lack of understanding of what you are saying, then that is all the more reason for asking, as I am trying to understand even what the "right question" would be. But I am intrigued by what you say, and would really appreciate clarification, especially in terms of real life response to what you are trying to point out.

Thank you very much. Best regards...jt

3741 days ago
Beginning of the headline :Analysts put their own construction on facts coming out of the class-action suit between Morgan-Stanley and 22,000 of its clients involving costs associated with the storage of precious metals. They jump to the conclusion that metal supposedly backing outstanding silver certificates does not exist and never has. Storing silver on clients’ account is a farce. From this they conclude that the net short commercial interest in silver on the COMEX, allegedly naked, must further be increased by adding the amount of unbacked silver certificates and phony storage, which they conservatively estimate at one billion ounces... Read More
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