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Intraday Silver Prices

US Dollar

CA $
1 Kilogram 739.79  +0.13% 1 Kilogram 925.99  +0.11%
1 Ounce 23.01  1 Ounce 28.80 
1 Gram 0.74  1 Gram 0.93 
LondonFix 28.28  +0.04%   LondonFix 38.85  +0.04%

Intraday Silver Price

Intraday Silver Price in CA $

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Libertad 1 Oz31.10 / 1.00CA$ 28.80eBay0eBay0--39.86 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Panda 5 Oz155.36 / 4.99CA$ 143.86eBay0eBay0--23.50 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Kookaburra 2 Oz62.21 / 2.00CA$ 57.60eBay0eBay0--27.96 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar series 1 Kilo999 / 32CA$ 925.07eBay0eBay0--37.78 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar series 1/2 Kilo499.50 / 16.06CA$ 462.53eBay0eBay0--48.80 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar series 10 Oz310.72 / 9.99CA$ 287.72eBay0eBay0--39.52 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar series 5 Oz155.36 / 4.99CA$ 143.86eBay0eBay0--45.42 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar series 2 Oz62.14 / 2.00CA$ 57.54eBay0eBay0--44.42 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar Series 1 Oz31.07 / 1.00CA$ 28.77eBay0eBay0--39.99 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Lunar series 1/2 Oz15.54 / 0.50CA$ 14.39eBay0eBay0--41.50 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 1 Kilo999 / 32CA$ 925.07eBay0eBay0--26.97 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 100 grams99.90 / 3.21CA$ 92.51eBay0eBay0--37.37 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 100 Oz3110 / 100CA$ 2,880.12eBay0eBay0--39.99 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 20 Oz621.44 / 19.98CA$ 575.45eBay0eBay0--38.00 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 10 Oz310.72 / 9.99CA$ 287.73eBay0eBay0--29.78 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Coins 1 Kilo999 / 32CA$ 925.07eBay0eBay0--44.68 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 5 Oz155.36 / 4.99CA$ 143.86eBay0eBay0--44.79 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 2 Oz62.14 / 2.00CA$ 57.54eBay0eBay0--37.87 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Bar 1 Oz31.07 / 1.00CA$ 28.77eBay0eBay0--30.75 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Rounds 1 Oz31.07 / 1.00CA$ 28.77eBay0eBay0--34.98 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Coins 1 Oz31.00 / 1.00CA$ 28.71eBay0eBay0--45.06 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Silver Maple Leaf 1 Oz31.00 / 1.00CA$ 28.71eBay0eBay0--42.11 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
American Silver Eagle 1 Oz31.00 / 1.00CA$ 28.71eBay0eBay0--38.44 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Philharmonic 1 Oz Silver31.10 / 1.00CA$ 28.80eBay0eBay0--37.62 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Panda 1 Oz31.07 / 1.00CA$ 28.77eBay0eBay0--37.52 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Kookaburra 1 Oz31.10 / 1.00CA$ 28.80eBay0eBay0--38.75 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Kookaburra 10 Oz311.03 / 10.00CA$ 288.01eBay0eBay0--53.64 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
Kookaburra 1 Kilo999 / 32CA$ 925.07eBay0eBay0--28.81 / oz-eBayeBayeBayeBay
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