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Published : February 10th, 2014
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Category : Opinions and Analysis

Janet Yellen takes center stage – CNN/Money
The Fed’s waning magic in the age of Yellen – FT($)
US economy may be stuck in slow lane for long run – AP
Bitcoin drops another 20% as Mt Gox highlights bug – CNBC
Suspicious Death of JPMorgan VP Under Investigation – Wall Street On Parade
Americans Renouncing Citizenship Up 221%, All Aboard FATCA Express – Forbes
The WSJ Blames Obamacare for Weak Hiring, but It’s Not Sure Why – CEPR
Latest Health Care Flap Shows Media at its Most Boring – Taibblog
The Week Ahead: Central Banks in Focus – Marc to Market
January Indicator: Truth versus truisms – Economist
EM, Hedge Funds and Corporate Debt – Noland, Prudent Bear
Rand Paul warns Texas could turn blue – Politico
Double Trouble – Hussman Funds

World stocks gain ahead of new Fed chief comments – AP
Traders Debate Whether Worst of Selloff Is Over – CNBC
Always invest in what scares you – MarketWatch
Five reasons to up your 401(k) contributions – USA Today
Selloff, so what? Analysts are sticking to their guns – CNBC
High-Speed Trading Isn’t About Efficiency—It’s About Cheating – Atlantic
Treasuries Rise for Second Day Before Yellen Testifies – Bloomberg
China’s gold demand surges, tops 1,000 tonnes for first time – Reuters
Gold miners to slash reserves as price drop forces revision – Globe & Mail
Return of China sees gold attacking overhead resistance – Mineweb
6 Remarkable Gold Charts This Week – GoldSilverWorlds

Bad weather may cloud retail-sales report – MarketWatch
Boomers Turn On, Tune In, Drop Out of U.S. Labor Force – Bloomberg
What Happened The Last Time The Jobless Rate Dropped This Much – Zero Hedge
Consumer debt swells to $1.4-trillion, but Canadians able to pay it – Globe & Mail
Japan’s current account woes throw spotlight on economic risks – Reuters
EU Banks’ Debt Addiction Threatens ECB-Led Overhaul – Businessweek
Eurozone banks will be allowed to fail, says regulator – CNA
The Dubai real estate is still at risk of another bubble – AP
High prices send Bay Area renters, homebuyers to outlying areas – Mercury News
Some of the world’s largest banks are suffering from financial gangrene – Quartz
As Yellen makes Fed debut, expect theater, not fireworks – Reuters
Janet Yellen’s Fed: A champion of Main Street – Politico

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