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Published : December 14th, 2017
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During the 2016 election “season” I am on record as stating the only way Trump would have any success would be to surround himself with loyalist military and march down the back hallways of the White House, Senate chambers and the Pentagon and either begin arresting or, at the very least, removing everyone from their seat – no opportunity to erase, delete, burn or change any of the records. Until this happens, these small distractions, such as Strzok emails being disclosed, will continue. These are completely meaningless and, to date, no one has gone to prison or been charged appropriately with treason and suffered the consequences associated with high crimes. If this ever happens that’s when I will believe things are changing.

As I watched Tucker Carlson Tonght live on Wednesday Dec. 12, 2017, I almost fell out of my chair when Rosenstein began spewing his BS about what a fine upstanding character Mueller is and how he is the most qualified for the position he currently holds. What else needs to be said to prove beyond question there is no rule of law in the U.S.? When one criminal is endorsing another criminal is the picture not crystal clear?

These shadow government moves are becoming more obvious as the days pass. Here’s the thing – no one is going to go to prison or have anything what-so-ever change in their lives regarding what has happened. The American people will not stand up, they will not write their Congressman they will not earnestly protest and make a stand. Look no further than the now oh so obvious false flag that was pulled off on October 1 in Las Vegas. People are, literally, dead in the street and the people that are alive stand idly by and say nor do anything. What is happening with this so-called investigation?

The illusion called America is beginning to fade and we see more and more of the brick wall everyday. Most people simply ignore it or comment how nice it looks to see the exposed brick – “looks like an old building” – never realizing it is the wall of the prison and the wolves guarding the hen house are deeply embedded into the landscape of our lives.

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Tucker Carlson exposed a few more bricks last night. How many were paying attention and how many simply thought the brick wall was a nice feature? This past year the shadow government has been on full display but Trump nor anyone within CONgress or any government agency has stepped forward to send people to prison nor make any changes at all. The never ending Trey Gowdy “investigation” has proven to be 100% useless and an absolute waste of our tax dollars. Mr. Gowdy began with the investigation of Benghazi and hillary and has been unable to send one person to prison, have one person loss any of their power or effect any change at all. If you can’t “investigate” hillary and Benghazi and come away with a conviction you are not doing your job – period. You are willfully ignoring the rule of law and the evidence that has now been presented to the world. What’s the point of what Trey Gowdy is doing? – distraction, 100% distraction “we are investigating” this or that only to never, ever reach a conclusion. Send Mr. Gowdy to prison for obstruction of justice.

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It is only in the past few weeks that this treasonous criminal, Strzok, has been completely exposed. How many more “strzok’s” exist in the back hallways of the White House, FBI, DoJ, Pentagon, CIA and the list continues to each and every agency in Washington DC. How many more? How much more obvious does it need to be before people, in mass, become angry and truly begin stand up to these criminals? What will it take?


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