Wesdome Reports Further Improvement in Earnings and Cash in Q3 2012
Published : November 12, 2012
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Wesdome Reports Further Improvement in Earnings and Cash in Q3 2012

TORONTO, Nov. 12, 2012 /CNW/ - Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd (TSX: WDO) ("Wesdome" or the "Company") is pleased to report its unaudited financial and operating results from its Canadian operations for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012.  This information should be read in conjunction with the Company's interim unaudited financial statements and Management's Discussion and Analysis for the third quarter ended September 30, 2012 which will be available for viewing on the Company's website at www.wesdome.com and on SEDAR (www.sedar.com).  All figures are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise specified.

The Company owns and operates the Eagle River mine complex in Wawa, Ontario and the Kiena mine complex in Val-d'Or, Quebec.  On January 1, 2012, the Mishi mine in Wawa commenced commercial production.  The Eagle River and Mishi mines feed a common mill and are referred to as the Eagle River complex.  The Eagle River mine has been in continuous production since commercial production commenced January 1, 1996.  It has produced over 900,000 ounces to date.  The Kiena mine was purchased by the Company in 2003.  It restarted commercial production on August 1, 2006.  It was previously in production from 1982 - 2002.  To date the Kiena mine has produced over 1.7 million ounces of gold.

The third quarter of 2012 highlights are as follows:

  • Production of 14,500 ounces of gold compared to 10,300 ounces last year
  • Cash flow from operations of $3.9 million and $10.5 million year-to-date
  • Cash and bullion at market $18.8 million
  • Net Income $1.2 million or $0.01 per share

Donovan Pollitt, President & CEO comments "We've made considerable progress in controlling costs and generated modest earnings and decent cash flow from operations.  The new Mishi mine's grades are above forecast, which is very positive for the first year of any new mine."

At September 30, 2012, the Company had $15.9 million in working capital including 7,722 ounces of gold bullion in inventory.  For the first nine months of the year, revenue exceeded mining and processing costs by $13.0 million, $7.6 million in capital costs were incurred and $4.1 million of debt was retired.  Cash flow from operations totalled $10.5 million and net earnings were $0.01 per share.

During the third quarter, the new Mishi mine produced a recovered grade of 3.0 gAu/tonne.  The stockpile of ore at the mill grew 10% to 40,000 tonnes since June 30, 2012.  The Eagle River mine continued its steady performance and the Kiena mine showed steady, modest production while aggressively developing new mining areas.

In general, the mining industry has been stretched due to unprecedented activity.  Experienced and competent manpower remain in short supply.  We see contractor and materials availability starting to ease at this point.  Large international capital projects have been suspended and tight risk capital markets have inhibited competing exploration and development projects.


  Three Months Ended Sept 30  Nine Months Ended Sept 30
  2012  2011 2012  2011
Eagle River Mine        
  Tonnes milled  43,556 46,867  134,188 133,810
  Recovered grade (g/t)  5.6 4.6 5.5 4.7
  Production (oz)  7,797 6,861 23,909 20,127
Mishi Mine (commercial production commenced January 1, 2012)        
  Tonnes milled  18,284  52,996 -
  Recovered grade (g/t) 3.0  2.5  -
  Production (oz)  1,747  - 4,214 -
  Surface stockpile (tonnes) 40,000 - 40,000 -
Total Eagle River Complex        
  Production (oz)  9,544  6,861  28,123  20,127
  Sales (oz)  8,400  8,000  28,900  24,000
  Bullion revenue ($000)  13,851  13,184  47,836  36,015
  Mining and processing costs ($000)  10,244  10,470  33,299  23,844
  Mine operating profit ($000) * 3,607  2,714 14,537  12,171
  Gold price realized ($Cdn/oz) 1,643  1,668  1,653  1,499
  Tonnes milled 68,400  57,395 195,593 198,897
  Recovered grade (g/t)  2.3 1.9 2.2 2.3
  Production (oz)  4,962 3,476 13,945 14,898
  Sales (oz)  5,600  4,000 14,100 18,000
  Bullion revenue ($000) 9,257 6,439 23,265 26,422
  Mining and processing costs ($000)  8,126 8,356 24,810 26,892
  Mine operating profit (loss) ($000) * 1,131  (1,917) (1,545) (470)
  Gold price realized ($Cdn/oz) 1,643 1,606 1,653 1,464
  Production (oz) 14,506 10,337 42,068 35,025
  Sales (oz) 14,000 12,000 43,000 42,000
  Bullion inventory (oz) 7,722 5,931 7,722 5,931
  Bullion revenue ($000) 23,108 19,623 71,101 62,437
  Mining and processing costs ($000) 18,370 18,826 58,109 50,736
  Mine operating profit ($000) * 4,738 797 12,992 11,701
  Gold price realized ($Cdn/oz) 1,643 1,646 1,653 1,484

†  Bullion revenue includes minor by product silver sales
*  The Company has included in this report certain non-IFRS performance measures, including mine operating profit and mining and processing costs to applicable sales. These measures are not defined under IFRS and therefore should not be considered in isolation or as an alternative to or more meaningful than, net income(loss) or cash flow from operating activities as determined in accordance with IFRS as an indicator of our financial performance or liquidity. The Company believes that, in addition to conventional measures prepared in accordance with IFRS, certain investors use this information to evaluate the Company's performance and ability to generate cash flow.
  Mine operating profit excludes the following specific items included as operating expenses on the Consolidated Statements of Income: Depletion, Production royalties, Corporate and general, Share-based compensation and Amortization of capital assets.

During the third quarter, 2012, combined operations produced 14,506 ounces of gold and 14,000 ounces were sold at an average realized price of $1,644 per ounce.  This represents a 40% increase in production compared to the third quarter, 2011, while realized gold prices were essentially the same.

For the first nine months of 2012, our mines produced 42,068 ounces of gold and 43,000 ounces were sold at an average price of $1,651 per ounce representing a 20% increase in production and an 11% increase in gold prices compared to the first nine months of 2011.

In the third quarter, 2012, mining and processing costs related to sales declined 2% compared to those in the third quarter, 2011.  For the year to date, 2012, mining and processing costs are up 15% compared to last year.  This increase is due primarily to Kiena's first quarter performance in 2012.  As previously disclosed, Kiena's first quarter was a catch-up development period with weak production following the insolvency of a key development contractor in late 2011.  We are very encouraged to see third quarter costs declining in light of industry-wide inflation, the location of our current production areas and the fact that we have a third mine in production this year.

In the third quarter, 2012, bullion revenue exceeded mining and processing costs resulting in a mine operating profit, or gross margin, of $4.7 million.  In addition to these direct operating costs, other direct costs, including royalties, corporate and general costs and net interest costs for the third quarter amounted to $1.0 million.  Capital costs were reduced to $1.8 million in the third quarter compared to $5.4 million in the third quarter, 2011.

The combined Eagle River and Mishi operations produced 9,544 ounces in the third quarter and 28,123 ounces year to date.  Grades increased 22% quarterly compared to last year and 17% for the nine month period compared to last year.  We are in the process of developing a haulage drift on the 740 metre level at Eagle River.  This will enable production to start in an area of the 811 Zone where rich grades have been confirmed by sublevel development.  We expect initial production from this area near the end of the year.

The Mishi mine produced 1,747 ounces of gold from 18,284 tonnes at a recovered grade of 3.0 gAu/tonne during the third quarter.  Throughput was about half what was initially planned due to availability of higher grade Eagle River millfeed.  We are very encouraged by the results of rigorous grade control efforts at this early stage in the life of mine.  The ore stockpile at the mill has grown to 40,000 tonnes.  We are investing to increase efficiencies and capacity at the mill.  Favourable drilling results both east and west of existing and planned operations give us confidence in potential to increase mine life or expand operations.

At Kiena, both grade and throughput increased compared to the third quarter, 2011.  We continue to aggressively develop new production areas.  Although gross margins are thin, they are positive and hopefully will continue to buy us time as we develop some areas with better grades.  The mine's performance remains extremely sensitive to gold prices.  Work will continue to ensure tight cost control and optimize development and production sequences.


At September 30, 2012, the Company had working capital of $15.9 million compared to $7.2 million at December 31, 2011.  During the first nine months of 2012, capital expenditures totalled $7.6 million compared to $14.1 million in the first nine months of 2011.  Capital expenditures were concentrated in minesite development, mine and mill infrastructure.

On May 24, 2012, the Company completed a $7,021,000 placement of unsubordinated convertible debentures.  The term is 5-years bearing interest at 7% per annum payable semi-annually and convertible into common shares at $2.50 per common share.  The net proceeds of $6,821,000, along with cash at hand, were used to redeem existing convertible debentures in the amount of $11,539,000 that matured on May 31, 2012, of which $10,931,000 were still outstanding on the maturity date.  This resulted in the Company paying down $4.1 million in debt.

The result of this financing is that interest costs moving forward will decline and working capital improved by moving the liability component to long term liabilities from short term liabilities.

The Company traditionally maintains an inventory of refined gold bullion.  At September 30, 2012, this liquid asset consisted of 7,722 ounces of gold with a market value of $13.5 million.  The bullion inventory is carried at the lower of cost or market, in this case at a cost of $11.1 million.

Additionally, the Mishi ore stockpile at the mill, which totals 40,000 tonnes is carried in inventory at a cost of $3.2 million.

Management believes we have sufficient liquidity to carry out our mining, development and exploration programs and prefers not to dilute shareholders' interest with equity issues.

With current gold prices, our mining operations are capable of generating strong operating cash flow as they have in the past.


We continue to aim for a 60,000 ounce annual production target.  We plan to be in position to have some of the high grade 811 Zone ore we have been developing at Eagle River into the production sequence near year-end and to be ready for a strong start in 2013.


Wesdome is celebrating its 25th year of continuous mining operations in Canada.  It currently has three producing gold mines with wholly-owned mining and milling complexes located in Wawa, Ontario and Val d'Or, Québec.  The Company has 101.9 million shares issued and outstanding and trades on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol "WDO".

This news release contains "forward-looking information" which may include, but is not limited to, statements with respect to the future financial or operating performance of the Company and its projects. Often, but not always, forward-looking statements can be identified by the use of words such as "plans", "expects", "is expected", "budget", "scheduled", "estimates", "forecasts", "intends", "anticipates", or "believes" or variations (including negative variations) of such words and phrases, or state that certain actions, events or results "may", "could", "would", "might" or "will" be taken, occur or be achieved. Forward-looking statements involve known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors which may cause the actual results, performance or achievements of the Company to be materially different from any future results, performance or achievements expressed or implied by the forward-looking statements. Forward-looking statements contained herein are made as of the date of this press release and the Company disclaims any obligation to update any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise. There can be no assurance that forward-looking statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. The Company undertakes no obligation to update forward-looking statements if circumstances, management's estimates or opinions should change, except as required by securities legislation. Accordingly, the reader is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.                                      
Condensed Interim Consolidated Statements of Financial Position                                      
(Unaudited, expressed in thousands of Canadian dollars)                                      
  September 30                   December 31
  Cash and cash equivalents $       3,253                   $       5,215
  Receivables         8,081                           7,337
  Inventory          17,451                           15,271
          28,785                           27,823
Restricted funds          2,065                           2,385
Deferred income taxes          445                            615
Mining properties and equipment          90,981                           90,114
Exploration properties         30,008                           30,886
  $       152,284                   $       151,823
  Payables and accruals $       12,238                   $       8,944
  Current portion of obligations under finance leases           662                            913
  Convertible 7% debentures                                      10,726
          12,900                           20,583
Income taxes payable         33                           22
Obligations under finance leases         324                           818
Convertible 7% debentures         5,702                            -
Provisions         1,633                           1,593
          20,592                           23,016
Equity attributable to owners of the Company                                      
  Capital stock           122,651                           122,685
  Contributed surplus         2,251                           1,960
  Equity component of convertible debentures          1,204                           1,970
  Retained earnings         5,133                           1,585
          131,239                           128,200
Non-controlling interest         453                           607
Total equity         131,692                           128,807
  $       152,284                   $       151,823

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.
Condensed Interim Consolidated Statements of Income (Loss) and Comprehensive Income (Loss)
(Unaudited, expressed in thousands of Canadian dollars)
      Three Months Ended Sept 30 Nine Months Ended Sept 30
      2012 2011   2012 2011
  Gold and silver bullion   $ 23,108 $ 19,623 $ 71,101 $ 62,437
Operating expenses
  Mining and processing     18,370   18,826   58,109   50,736
  Depletion of mining properties     2,321   1,518   6,770   4,990
  Production royalties     238   223   713   592
  Corporate and general     524   536   1,783   2,084
  Share based compensation     159   237   511   803
        21,612   21,340   67,886   59,205
Income (loss) from operations     1,496   (1,717)   3,215   3,232
Interest and other income     (47)   45   60   256
Interest on long term debt     (220)   (401)   (875)   (1,191)
Other interest     -   -   (18)   (1,190)
Accretion of decommissioning liability     (13)   (16)   (40)   (48)
Write-down of exploration property     -   -   (950)   -
Income (loss) before income tax     1,216   (2,089)   1,392   1,059
Income tax expense (recovery)                  
  Current     (18)   28   11   403
  Deferred     415   (501)   170   912
        397   (473)   181   1,315
Net income (loss)     819   (1,616)   1,211   (256)
Total comprehensive income (loss)     $ 819 $ (1,616) $ 1,211 $ (256)
Net income (loss) and total comprehensive
  income attributable to:                  
    Non-controlling interest $ (78) $ (51) $ (154) $ (174)
    Owners of the Company   897   (1,565)   1,365   (82)
      $ 819 $ (1,616) $ 1,211 $ (256)
Earnings (loss) and comprehensive
  earnings (loss) per share                  
  Basic   $ 0.01 $ (0.02) $ 0.01 $ (0.00)
  Diluted   $ 0.01 $ (0.02) $ 0.01 $ (0.00)

Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.                  
Condensed Interim Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows                
(Unaudited, expressed in thousands of Canadian dollars)                
      Three Months Ended Sept 30       Nine Months Ended Sept 30  
      2012   2011   2012   2011  
Operating activities                  
  Net income (loss)   $ 819 $ (1,616) $ 1,211 $ (256)
   Depletion of mining properties     2,321   1,637   6,770   5,109
  Accretion of discount on convertible debentures     60   170   290   495
  Write-down of exploration property      -      950    - 
  Gain on sale of equipment        23   23   (22)
  Share-based compensation      159   237   511   803
  Deferred income taxes      415   (501)   170   912
  Interest paid      159   231   585   1,885
  Accretion of decommissioning liability      13   17   40   49
        3,946   198   10,550   8,975
  Net changes in non-cash working capital     (1,779)   (1,565)   (91)   (4,491)
        2,167   (1,367)   10,459   4,484
Financing activities                  
  Exercise of options      -    148    -    1,595
  Shares issued by a subsidiary of the Company to third parties      -     -     -    160
  Funds paid to repurchase common shares under NCIB      -    (14)   (42)   (18)
  Redemptions of convertible debentures      -     -    (10,931)    - 
  Issuance of convertible debentures, net of financing      -     -    6,821    - 
  Repayment of obligations under finance leases     (187)   (272)   (745)   (1,004)
  Interest paid     (159)   (231)   (585)   (1,885)
  Dividends paid      -    -     -    (2,028)
        (346)   (369)   (5,482)   (3,180)
Investing activities                   
  Additions to mining and exploration properties     (1,771)   (5,406)   (7,565)   (14,122)
  Proceeds on sale of equipment       -   30   3   141
  Funds held against standby letters of credit     (5)   40   320   (5)
        (1,776)   (5,336)   (7,242)   (13,986)
  Net changes in non-cash working capital     (355)   675   303   (585)
        (2,131)   (4,661)   (6,939)   (14,571)
Decrease in cash and cash equivalents     (310)   (6,397)   (1,962)   (13,267)
Cash and cash equivalents,                  
  beginning of period     3,563   15,936   5,215   22,806
Cash and cash equivalents,                  
  end of period    $ 3,253 $ 9,539 $ 3,253 $ 9,539
 Cash and cash equivalents consist of:                  
  Cash   $ 2,448 $ 4,475 $ 2,448 $ 4,475
  Term deposit (1.46%, 2011: 1.00%)     805   5,064   805   5,064
      $ 3,253 $ 9,539 $ 3,253 $ 9,539



SOURCE: Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.

For further information:

Donovan Pollitt, P.Eng., CFA 

President & CEO

416-360-3743 ext 25


George Mannard, P.Geo.

Vice President, Exploration

416-360-3743 ext 22

8 King St. East, Suite 1305

Toronto, ON, M5C 1B5

Toll Free: 1-866-4-WDO-TSX

Phone: 416-360-3743, Fax: 416-360-7620

Email: invest@wesdome.com, Website: www.wesdome.com

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Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd.

ISIN : CA95083R1001
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Wesdome is a gold development stage company based in Canada.

Wesdome holds various exploration projects in Canada.

Its main assets in production are EAGLE RIVER and KIENA in Canada, its main asset in development is MISHI in Canada and its main exploration properties are DUBUISSON DISCOVERY, WESDOME PROJECT, MAGNACON, SHAWKEY and EDWARDS MINE - WESTERN QUEBEC MINES in Canada.

Wesdome is listed in Canada and in United States of America. Its market capitalisation is CA$ 342.0 millions as of today (US$ 257.7 millions, € 221.5 millions).

Its stock quote reached its lowest recent point on July 19, 2013 at CA$ 0.32, and its highest recent level on March 17, 2017 at CA$ 4.40.

Wesdome has 132 550 000 shares outstanding.

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1/29/2015Wesdome Increases Reserves 57% at Eagle River Mine
1/29/2015Wesdome Increases Reserves 57% at Eagle River Mine
1/14/2015Wesdome Gold Mines Exceeds Full Year Production Guidance
1/14/2015Wesdome Gold Mines Exceeds Full Year Production Guidance; Pr...
12/4/2014Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. - Drilling Extends 300 And 7 Paralle...
12/4/2014- Drilling Extends 300 And 7 Parallel Zones
11/19/2014-- Dubuisson North drilling cuts 45.05 g/t Au over 5.0 metre...
11/6/2014announces third quarter financial results; generates CAD$3.4...
11/6/2014Wesdome Gold Mines announces third quarter financial results...
10/16/2014Wesdome Gold Mines announces third quarter operational resul...
9/15/2014Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. - New 7 Zone opens up at depth drill...
9/15/2014- New 7 Zone opens up at depth drill hole EU-756 intersects ...
8/26/2014Wesdome appoints Vice President, Investor Relations
7/31/2014Wesdome reports earnings of $0.07 per share in first half 20...
7/21/2014Wesdome Reports Q2 Production / Sales
6/27/2014Wesdome Gold Mines Ltd. - Drilling expands Mishi potential
6/2/2014announces TSX approval of normal course issuer bid
2/10/20142013 Year End Reserves Increase
1/28/2014Posts Strong Fourth Quarter Production
1/24/2014and Moss Lake announce agreement for proposed acquisition by...
10/1/2013and Windarra Minerals Announce Closing of Amalgamation
9/27/2013Moss Lake Amends $2,000,000 Principal Amount Promissory Note
9/5/2013(Eagle River)Eagle River Update
8/26/2013and Resolute Performance Fund announce agreement
8/19/2013(Eagle River)Two New Gold Structures at Wesdome's Eagle River
8/19/2013(Eagle River)- Two new gold structures at Eagle River
8/12/2013receives meeting requisition from shareholder
7/29/2013Moss Lake Announces Preliminary Economic Analysis Results
7/18/2013Second Quarter Production Summary
7/17/2013and Windarra Announce Letter of Intent Regarding Acqusition ...
7/4/2013adopts corporate governance measures
5/3/2013Moss Lake Gold Mines Extends Maturity Date of $2,000,000 Pri...
5/1/2013(Eagle River)Reports Accident at Eagle River
11/12/2012Reports Further Improvement in Earnings and Cash in Q3 2012
9/12/2012at the Denver Gold Forum
9/1/2011- New Gold Prospect Identified Along The Cadillac Break
8/5/2011announces TSX approval of normal course issuer bid
4/21/2011at the European Gold Forum
7/5/2010Moss Lake Adds Two New Directors
11/5/2009Pukaskwa Drilling to Commence
6/24/2009Announces Intention to make a Normal Course Issuer Bid
1/24/2008 Website Updates
1/10/2008On BNN, Wednesday, January 9, 2008
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d Share Capital and Voting Rights for Lundin Mining
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