Newmont Mining Corp

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ISIN : US6516391066
CUSIP : 651639106
US$ 46.60
03/21 16:00 -1.22
Prev close Open Low High Volume
47.82 47.13 45.90 47.16 7,643,833
Year l/h YTD var. 52 week l/h 52 week var. 1 month var.
41.74 -  52.69 -6.01% 37.79 -  85.42 -38.71% 5.36%
Shares OustandingShares Fully Diluted
Mkt Cap OustandingMkt Cap Fully Diluted
Produces Copper - Gold - Silver
Develops Copper - Gold
Explores for Cobalt - Copper - Gold - Silver
Profile Press
Management Annual
Projects & res.
Asset profile
Last updated on : 12/2/2010
ISV to Market Cap Ratio : 5578%
In situ value
446,131,138 US$
Market cap
24,884,400,000 US$
Market Cap / In situ value
In situ value / Market Cap
Dynamic Project Map of Newmont Mining Corp
Legends Company
Status Information
 1Land holding
 2Green exploration
 3Brown exploration
 4Past producer
 5Early discovery
 6Advanced discovery
 8Care and maintenance
 9Mine development
Country Risk Information
 1Very low
 5Very High
Reserves and resources of Newmont Mining Corp
MetalTotalUnitReservesMineralized MaterialIn Situ Value
Proven and probableMeasuredIndicatedMeasured and indicatedInferredHistoric or estimated resource
 Gold 602 882 745oz 83 337 639 482 982 111 18 231 388 501 213 499 18 101 601 230 0061169 381 516 443 US$
 Silver 578 651oz 578 651 16 364 243 US$
 Copper4 065 996 621lbs3 723 613 024 152 643 198 152 643 198 189 740 399 6 160 551 US$
Important: Historic or Estimated Resources have not been independently verified and cannot be relied on for economic purposes.
Definitions             Cautionary Note to US Investors concerning estimates of Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources
Properties, projects
and mines
TitleInterestDataStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendResources
CALCATREAUBack in rightExpl.          Argentina     Rio negroGold, silver
Yandal / JundeeProd.          Australia     Gold
TANAMIOwner100Prod.          Australia     Northern territoryGold
JUNDEEOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
BODDINGTONOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
KALGOORLIE "SUPE...Joint venture50Prod.          Australia     Western australiaGold
Boddington MineOwner100Prod.          Australia     Western australiaCopper, gold
WOODLINEInterest30Expl.          Australia     Western australiaGold
KORI KOLLOJoint venture88Prod.          Bolivia     OruroGold
MADRID DEPOSIT S...Owner100Expl.          Canada     Gold
MADRID DEPOSIT N...Owner100Expl.          Canada     Gold
HOPE BAY MADRIDOwner100Expl.          Canada     Gold
MADRID DEPOSIT N...Owner100Expl.          Canada     Gold
DUQUETOwner33Expl.          Canada     Cobalt, copper, silver
Con MineOwner100Prod.          Canada     Northwest territoriesGold
MONUMENT BAYNet Smelter Return3Expl.          Canada     Northwest territoriesGold
HOPE BAY DORISOwner100Expl.          Canada     NunavutGold
HOPE BAY BOSTONOwner100Expl.          Canada     NunavutGold
Elu InletExpl.          Canada     NunavutGold
LESPERANCEExpl.          Canada     QuebecCopper, gold
FORT A LA CORNE...Joint venture40Devpt          Canada     SaskatchewanGold
MACARAOption on interest51Expl.          Ecuador     Gold
AHAFOOwner100Prod.          Ghana     Gold
AHAFO SOUTHOwner100Prod.          Ghana     Gold
AKYEMOwner100Devpt          Ghana     Gold
Monosse Jv50Expl.          Guyana     Gold
BATU HIJAU STOCK...Joint venture45Prod.          Indonesia     Gold
MINAHASAClose          Indonesia     Gold
BATU HIJAUJoint venture39Prod.          Indonesia     West nusa tenggaraCopper, gold
HERRADURAJoint venture44Prod.          Mexico     SonoraGold, silver
SOLEDAD & DIPOLOSJoint venture44Prod.          Mexico     SonoraGold, silver
LA HERRADURAJoint venture44Prod.          Mexico     Sonora desertGold, silver
MARTHA (WAIHI) MINEOwner100Prod.          New Zealand     Gold
Yanacocha MineProd.          Peru     Copper, gold
La ZanjaOwner46Prod.          Peru     Gold
CONGAJoint venture51Devpt          Peru     Copper, gold
YANACOCHAJoint venture51Prod.          Peru     Andes mountainGold
GuadalcanalOption on interest70Expl.          Solomon Islands     Gold
YuntdagOption on interest75Expl.          Turkey     IzmirGold
TOBOGGAN JVOption on interest51Expl.          USA     IdahoGold
Golden Eagle MineOwner100Expl.          USA     NevadaGold, silver
Golden Eagle Min...Owner100Expl.          USA     Nevada
NEVADA IN PROCESSOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
Ken SnyderOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
CARLIN OPEN PITOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
TWIN CREEKSOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
LONE TREE COMPLEXOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
PHOENIXOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaCopper, gold
CARLIN UNDERGROUNDOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
MIDASOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
NEVADA STOCKPILESOwner100Prod.          USA     NevadaGold
Trout CreekOption on interest70Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
RainOwner100Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
Lone Tree Gold MineOwner100Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
TUSCARORAJoint venture51Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
ADELAIDEJoint venture51Expl.          USA     NevadaGold
TalapoosaExpl.          USA     NevadaGold, silver
Trenton Canyon &...Owner100Expl.          USA     Nevada
LEEVILLE MINING...Owner100Prod.          USA     NevadaCarlin TrendGold
TURQUOISE RIDGE...Joint venture25Prod.          USA     NevadaPotosiGold
Midnite MineOwner100Expl.          USA     WashingtonUranium
BEAR LODGEOption65Expl.          USA     WyomingCopper
ZarafshanProd.          Uzbekistan     
ZARAFSHANJoint venture50Prod.          Uzbekistan     Gold