Endeavour Financial Corporation

Published : September 10th, 2008

Reinhard Updates Endeavour Financial Corp.

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Today Endeavour presented its fiscal year (ending 30 June) performance showing a substantial margin of $56.5 million net income on revenues of $108 million. It reported shareholders� equity of $12.38 per share. With only 30.5 million shares outstanding (39.8 million FD) its price to book ratio is a heavily discounted .50 times.

With working capital of $315 million and a share price not seen since January 2006, the company is aggressively buying back its own shares. It is also increasing its monthly dividend by 100% to $0.03 per share ($0.36 per share per annum), to provide a current 6% yield to shareholders. It announced expansion of its highly lucrative and much in demand specialist advisory services and products, with an increasingly global reach.
During the year Endeavour arranged seven resource transactions which totaled, in the aggregate, some $14 billion in the copper, gold, and uranium sectors. In the face of challenging economic circumstances, its merchant banking activities yielded $60 million in investment income.

In a better market comparable companies on the TSX like Quest Capital (QC-TSX) or Pinetree Capital (PNP-TSX) traded at 1.5x book and 2x book respectively. In the U.S. merchant banking companies have recently traded up to 12 times book. At .50 times book Endeavour offers a steeply discounted opportunity.

Company Review

Our initial report on Endeavour was issued in May 2004 just as the price of gold re-tested the US$378 technical support area. Endeavour had just suffered a dramatic sell-off as many junior-sector resource stocks experienced lower liquidity, sporadic panic selling and the apparent capitulation of latecomer investors suffering rapid and severe losses � not dissimilar to the current environment, except that commodity prices are now significantly higher.

In July 2007 Endeavour Mining Corporation acquired 100% of sister company Endeavour Financial Corporation, a privately-held investment banking firm. The two businesses had already operated successfully in parallel for many years, but the merger simplified the Endeavour brand. The merged company provides investors and industry players in the resource sector with one-stop integrated merchant banking services. It also ensures that the entire Endeavour team is committed to maximizing value for shareholders through their ownership of approximately 25% of the combined company (much higher fully diluted).

Endeavour has $308 million (fair market value at June 30) invested in a portfolio of mostly client securities. Its newly combined business, coupled with a focused merchant banking approach, has proven to be a very effective business model. Endeavour finances many companies at their initial formative and pre-growth stages, and has a compelling record of shepherding them to ultimate success � often by way of takeover or merger.

As such, Endeavour�s publicly traded shares offer investors de facto access to well-selected ground-floor junior mining companies without a need to be accredited investors, or to make the connections necessary to access such timely opportunities. Most retail investors don't have the time, desire or expertise to select and follow a portfolio of small-cap resource stocks. We therefore view Endeavour Financial as a core holding for aggressive growth-oriented portfolios.

Despite the volatile nature of the sector, Endeavour has generated 49-per-cent annualized growth in Shareholders� equity (51% including dividends) since its inception in 2001. This reflects both its early call on the resource secular bull market and the timing and success of its involvement in multiple specific-resource-focused vehicles.

The Endeavour team has been associated with some big success stories over the years, including Bema Gold, Bolivar Gold, Northern Orion, Oriel Resources, Peak Gold, Silver Wheaton, UrAsia Energy, Wheaton River Minerals, and of course Endeavour Mining itself. Endeavour Mining's reliance on Endeavour Financial's advisory services steadily increased over the years as the resource market's growth accelerated, and their 2007 merger offered compelling synergies, now well evidenced after a full year of combined operations.

Proven leadership, market savvy

Endeavour benefits from having two advisors � Frank Holmes� US Global Investors and Frank Giustra�s Fiore Capital � to identify, develop and implement investment opportunities. Endeavour�s Chairman, Frank Holmes, heads up the top performing US Global Investors (GROW- Q), website: http://www.usfunds.com

Former Endeavour chairman Frank Giustra continues to apply his golden touch to Endeavour�s deal-making through his Fiore Capital advisory services. Last year Mr. Giustra announced he�s giving away $100 million and one-half of his future mining earnings to the Clinton Giustra Sustainable Growth Initiative, earmarked to fight third world poverty through sustainable development. This venture bodes well for both the mining industry and the countries in which they�ll do business, and it should also benefit Endeavour�s shareholders. While Frank Giustra and his team have never needed any help putting together some of the industry�s biggest and most successful deals, it doesn�t hurt that countries targeted for resource acquisitions and concessions realize such deals come complete with potentially millions of dollars in development aid.

Endeavour�s investment strategy is focused on high quality assets with strong management teams, and with clear potential for high returns through their structured investments. When Endeavour finances mining companies to fund their project development, strategic initiatives and growth, we benefit from a management team that has done their homework for us and structured its investment exposure appropriately. This generally means a compelling and timely entry price (downside protection), and better than average upside potential.


Endeavour offers us the built-in advantages of diversification, cream-of-the-crop selection, sophisticated professional management, exceptional deal-flow and access to global institutional and industry contacts. Given this premise, we only need concern ourselves with the timeliness of our exposure to the resource and precious metals sectors to determine the appropriateness of owning Endeavour shares. It would be difficult if not impossible for investors to consistently match Endeavour�s ability to select winners and realize on their potential.

Post-merger, Endeavour has proven it can efficiently deliver continuing and increasing investment opportunities, and attract, retain and motivate key members of their team through equity incentives. The Endeavour team includes mining legends Frank Giustra and Neil Woodyer. Combined with Frank Holmes as the visionary front man, the company should be able to go forward and build its brand as a powerhouse in the mining finance sector. It�s shares are an excellent proxy for investment exposure to the continuing secular bull market in commodities.

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Endeavour Financial
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Endeavour Financial Corporation

ISIN : KYG3040R1092
CUSIP : G3040R109
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Endeavour Financial is a gold and cobalt producing company based in Cayman islands.

Its main exploration property is FYRE LAKE (KONA) in Canada.

Endeavour Financial is listed in Canada and in United States of America. Its market capitalisation is CA$ 3.4 billions as of today (US$ 2.7 billions, € 2.4 billions).

Its stock quote reached its lowest recent point on January 15, 1999 at CA$ 10.02, and its highest recent level on August 10, 2007 at CA$ 97.43.

Endeavour Financial has 96 450 000 shares outstanding.

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