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Silver 10 Ounce Bars and Fractional Gold

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Published : July 29th, 2020
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Category : Gold and Silver

With gold and silver grabbing headlines around the world we have been looking at availability and acquisition cost for physical American Silver Eagles (ASE) and physical American Gold Eagles (AGE) for the past ten days or so. Today we are going to shift and look at 10 ounce bars physical silver and physical fractional gold. With the fractional gold will take a quick look at small bars and coins.

10 ounce silver bars may be the most popular form of silver that people hold. It’s a personal favorite of mine for a number of reasons. One of my favorite bars is the Engelhard.

Compact and packs a punch! I find the simple elegance of the above design to embody what silver is – simple, elegant and valuable. Unfortunately, these bars are disappearing into vaults, like mine, around the world and are becoming more of a challenge to find high quality bars.

One thing that hits you right away is the fact inventory is drained. All the good bars are “out of stock”.

All the cost listed below were gathered between 5:00 and 6:15pm CST 7/28/20

JMBullion is doing a pre-sale of Silver Towne bars, available on August 5. Variety of designs (CC / PP) $297.92 They are offering a really nice Eagle Cast bar for the same money as the Silver Towne – (CC / PP) $297.92 With a short shipping delay of 2-3 business days. The only other 10 ounce silver bar currently available is an Olympic Team at a slightly less offering – (CC / PP) $296.67 No other 10 ounce silver bars are currently in stock!!

SDBullion has a couple of 10 ounce silver bars available, not much available inventory, which speaks to the volume they are doing! What is available is a Donald Trump – Mount TrumpMore! bar (CC / PP) $338.23 and the in-house SDBullion Exclusive Indian Head / Constitution bar for   (CC / PP) $300.83

APMEX, which is typically the highest of the major online dealers actually is slightly lower than others. Beginning at (CC / PP) $310.62 the Walking Liberty bar and rise to (CC / PP) $327 for others. The APMEX cast 10 ounce bar – very nice looking bar – chimes in at $317.60.

All-in-all if you are looking to add to your stack or just getting started the options are currently healthy but falling. The 10 ounce bar is substantially less than the ASE – $6-7 per ounce and if you’re just starting, silver is silver. If you’re a veteran stacker the cast bars are – all things considered – still at good prices. You probably want to act fast as the inventories are getting tighter by the minute.

Fractional Gold

APMEX 1/10 ounce random Mint gold coins (whatever they can get their hands on) are available but extremely high (CC / PP) $267.25 They are also offering a 1/10 ounce bar (??) for (CC / PP) $230.87 Multiplied by 10 we find those 1/10 coins coming in at a whopping $2,672.50 per ounce with the 1/10 gold bar $2,308.70. All other 1/10 ounce products are currently unavailable.

APMEX also has a 5 gram Credit Suisse for (CC / PP) $356.16 and pre-sale for Pamp-Suisse 5 gram for (CC / PP) $362.30. No other 5 gram bars are currently available.

JMBullion is offering 1/10 ounce 2020 AGE available at $254.59 JMBullion has several European coins available in a variety of sizes and ranging from $290 to $450 click here if interested

SDBullion is offering 1/10 ounce 2020 AGE available at $284.04 SDBullion has the Pamp-Suisse 5 gram (CC / PP) $372.89. They have a couple of other fractional gold coins and bars available but not very much.

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