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Editorials and analysis

Tech Talk: How long do bull and bear markets last?...

Peter McKenzie-Brown - Language Instincton 07/28/2016 - 03:40 GMT
Bull markets are when it's easiest to make money in the markets, but how long do they last? The records go back more than two centuries, and the information is surprising. During the two centuries that ended in 2000, bull markets averaged 15 years in ...Today article

Gold and Pork Bellies...

Nick Barisheff - Bullion Management Serviceson 07/28/2016 - 02:00 GMT
Many investors and their financial advisors consider gold to be a commodity, which makes gold no different than copper, timber, pork bellies or orange juice. They do not understand, or simply are unaware, that gold has been successfully used as m...Today's Editorial

What Experts Predict for the New Silver Bull Market...

The Gold Reporton 07/27/2016 - 20:00 GMT
By the reckoning of market watchers, the silver bull has arrived. The Gold Report takes a look at what some of the experts predict for the silver price going forward and for companies poised to benefit from the upswing. ...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Spot the Odd One: Gold Up, Silver Up, Oil Down, Dollar Down, Treasuries Up, E...

Mish - Global Economic Analysison 07/27/2016 - 19:03 GMT
In today’s FOMC Statement the Fed says the labor market has strengthened, household spending is growing strongly, and economic activity is expanding at a moderate rate. Let’s see what the market thinks of that assessment. Commodities Reaction to FOMC ...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

The United States Presidential Election is a Mess - Thank Goodness! - Nathan...

Sprott Money - SprottMoneyon 07/27/2016 - 12:40 GMT
Let's put in bluntly: the United States Presidential election campaign is a complete and utter mess. We are looking a country that is deeply divided on key and fundamental differences. We are looking at two potential leaders that stand in stark differe...Editorials

Free Stuff, Monopoly Money, and Free Passes - Gary Christenson...

Sprott Money - SprottMoneyon 07/27/2016 - 11:00 GMT
THINKING OF THE RNC AND DNC… Politicians get elected by telling voters what they want to hear, especially that voters will receive a pile of “free stuff.” Politicians are (usually) funded by large corporate interests, particularly the financial in...Today article

Japan Has Sent A Massive Monetary Shock Wave Across the Planet: “Will Create...

Mac Slavo - ShtfPlanon 07/27/2016 - 04:00 GMT
In what appears to be a strategy designed to keep their financial system afloat when fiat currencies around the world collapse under the strain of trillions in quantitatively eased debt, the Tokyo Commodity Exchange (TOCOM) has now shifted their operat...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

How would you invest money you didn’t need for ten years?...

Michael J. Kosares - USA Goldon 07/27/2016 - 04:00 GMT
One in six investors chose gold as the best place to park money they wouldn’t need for more than ten years – the same number that chose stocks, according to a recent Bankrate survey. Another 6% chose bonds, while 25% chose real estate, and 23% said t...Today's Editorial

Remembering Gold's Bullish Set-Up on Dec. 1, 2015...

Michael Ballangeron 07/26/2016 - 10:05 GMT
Comparing the Dec. 1, 2015 Gold COT Report with the latest one; the contrasts could not be greater. I have a question: "Does ANYONE have the foggiest recollection of just how incredibly bullish the Gold COT (Co...Today's Editorial

The Path to Fed-Exit...

Ron Paul - Daily Paulon 07/26/2016 - 10:00 GMT
I recently proposed that the liberty movement capitalize on Brexit with "Fed-exit": a campaign to "secede" from the Federal Reserve. Fed-exit could be accomplished with a few simple policy changes. Passing Audit the Fed is a good first step towar...Editorials

What a City With Driverless Cars Will Look Like (In 10 Years or Less)...

Mish - Global Economic Analysison 07/26/2016 - 08:41 GMT
My vision of driverless trucks and taxis within the time frame of six to eight years looks downright feeble to that of Chris Dixon, a partner at prestigious Silicon Valley investment firm Andreessen Horowitz. Not only does Horowitz see things happening...Editorials

Decision Time for Silver Investors?...

Roland Watson - the Silver Analyston 07/26/2016 - 07:43 GMT
What I will say comes with some reservation, mainly because the future is unwritten. However, based on the notion that markets will rhyme rather than repeat, I present a scenario in which a decision has to be made by silver investors in the near future...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues

Remembering Gold's Bullish Set-Up on Dec. 1, 2015...

The Gold Reporton 07/26/2016 - 07:40 GMT
Dec. 1, 2015 Gold COT Report with the latest one; the contrasts could not be greater. I have a question: "Does ANYONE have the foggiest recollection of just how incredibly bullish the Gold COT (Commitment of Tr...Gold, Silver and Real Money Issues
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Hyperinflation Defined, Explaine...
28 Julsam_site
From you money supply graph it's easy to see how the globalist-created Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movement and War on Poverty accelerated Big G...
The Jeffersonian Secessionist Tr...
28 Julsam_site1
Your article supports the notion that the south had every justification to leave the union because of the unfair tariff war triggered by the N...
The American Religion of Violence
28 Julfoleymanor12
very interesting. what a nasty bunch the northerners were
Japan's Lemming Syndrome
27 Julrjs2248
Let's all follow the leader (The FED). Once the first domino starts tipping the rest of the global Ponzi scheme will crash. The best outcome is to ...
The Odious Versus the Tedious
27 Juldennyc1
I don't know. Trump may seem incompetent; but the blue ribbon for incompetence must go to and remain with George Bunnypants Bush and his response t...
How a New Vision Rose From the C...
27 Julsam_site
Video is the usual globalist propaganda pushing diversity, immigration and the balkanization of white, mostly southern and Protestant America ...
Sernova, Diabetes and Haemophilia
27 Julsam_site
Because the internet is finally getting out the word that diabetes, like most diseases can be cured through complete 90-element nutrition, exp...
Tech Talk: The Cup and Handle Fo...
27 Julmscir1
I look forward to your TA articles. I hope you will consider covering OBV, Accum-Dist, and ADX, along with Bollinger Bands they seem to be useful f...
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Can the US return to a Gold Standard ? (Alan Greenspan 1981)

Gold Standard - Wall Street Journal
History of Gold and From the Archive

Tin In Rome

Philip Judge - Anglo Far East
In the Roman world "Tin" was effectively the "King of Commodities". This essential commodity was crucially important to every day li...
Gold University

The Two Sources Of Credit

Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Gold University

Deflation or Runaway Inflation

Antal E. Fekete - Gold University
Runaway inflation is not a monetary phenomenon, the claims of monetarists notwithstanding. It is an interest-rate phenomenon predica...
Gold University

The American Religion of Violence

Tom DiLorenzo - lewRockwell
Laurence Vance has coined the word “warvangelical” to describe so-called evangelical Christians who are obsessed with supporting all...

FDR: The Great Gold Confiscator Speaks *audio*

Charleston Voice - Knology
It's hard to imagine a greater theft from the American people than their personal gold savings.  This stolen gold was then exchanged...
History of Gold and From the Archive
Mining Company News
Liberty Star Uranium & Metals(Au-Cu-Ur)LBSU.OB
NR 208 - Liberty Star Pays Federal Lode Claims
US$ 0.00+0.00%Trend Power :
informs the completion of the delisting of HDRs on the HKEx
BRL 19.04+0.63%Trend Power :
Skyharbour Res.(Ag-Au-Cu)SYH.V
Paul Matysek Joins Skyharbour’s Advisory Board
CA$ 0.35+9.37%Trend Power :
Detour Gold(Au)DGC.TO
Detour Gold Reports Positive Drilling Results from Lower Detour
CA$ 31.83-4.07%Trend Power :
Detour Gold(Au)DGC.TO
Detour Gold Reports Second Quarter 2016 Results
CA$ 31.83-4.07%Trend Power :
Oceana Gold(Au)OGC.AX
AU$ 4.74-2.27%Trend Power :
Reports Unaudited Second Quarter Results for 2016
US$ 15.32+6.61%Trend Power :
Goldstone Announces £1 million Financing and Director Change
GBX 2.13+0.00%Trend Power :
Saturn Min.(Cu-Au)SMI.V
Closes Flow Through Private Placement
CA$ 0.11+15.79%Trend Power :
Cooper EnergyCOE.AX
Update on sale of indonesian assets
AU$ 0.24-2.04%Trend Power :
Columbus Gold(Au)CGT.V
Granted Permits Covering Potential Extensions of
CA$ 0.34+0.00%Trend Power :
Serengeti Res.(Ag-Au-Cu)SIR.V
Begins Drilling at Kwanika Copper-Gold Project
CA$ 0.14-3.57%Trend Power :
AU$ 0.40+1.25%Trend Power :
announces satisfaction of the conditions for the redemption of all of its outstanding
US$ 21.58-0.51%Trend Power :
Hecla Mining(Cu-Le-Zn)HL
Hecla Provides Update for Its Dolly Varden Investment
US$ 6.30+1.94%Trend Power :
Notice of IRC announcement
GBX 6.88+1.03%Trend Power :
Corazon Mining.CZN.AX
identifies Multiple Large Nickel-Copper-Cobalt Targets at Lynn Lake Project
AU$ 0.01+11.11%Trend Power :
has raised Euro 3.8 million
GBX 0.56+5.66%Trend Power :
Azumah Res.(Au)AZM.AX
Quarterly Activities Report
AU$ 0.05+0.00%Trend Power :
Bonavista Energy(Ngas-Oil)BNP-UN.TO
Announces 2016 Second Quarter Results
CA$ 28.85-0.93%Trend Power :
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