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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
TAIMYR PENINSULANORILSKOwner100Production          Russia     37,916,133,157 lbs
KOLA PENINSULAAnglo PlatJoint venture50Production          Russia     Murmansk10,294,088,942 lbs
KOLA PENINSULAEURASIA MJoint venture50Production          Russia     Murmansk10,294,088,942 lbs
WEDA BAYErametOwner90Advanced discovery          Indonesia     9,071,801,627 lbs
CERRO MATOSOBHP BILLITONInterest99.9Production          Colombia     Cordoba8,164,599,418 lbs
GAG ISLANDBHP BILLITONJoint venture75Advanced discovery          Indonesia     7,142,977,295 lbs
GAG ISLANDPt Antam TbkJoint venture25Advanced discovery          Indonesia     7,142,977,295 lbs
SULAWESIRIO TINTOOwner100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     5,785,811,626 lbs
MOUNT KEITH - OCBHP BILLITONProduction          Australia     Western Australia5,752,742,269 lbs
MOUNT KEITH - OCFRANCO NEVADAProduction          Australia     Western Australia5,752,742,269 lbs
YAKABINDIEBHP BILLITONMine development          Australia     Western Australia5,740,837,307 lbs
PUJADABHP BILLITONJoint venture40Mine development          Philippines     Mindanao5,732,018,817 lbs
RAVENSTHORPE - LATERITEBHP BILLITONOwnerCare and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia5,049,688,115 lbs
TALVIVAARATALVIVAARA MININGOwner100Production          Finland     4,870,540,455 lbs
TALVIVAARACAMECOPurchasing Contract1Production          Finland     4,870,540,455 lbs
RAMUHIGHLANDS PACIFICJoint venture68.5Mine Development          Papua New Guinea     4,716,437,360 lbs
BULONG - MAINHERON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia3,964,021,705 lbs
AMBATOVYSherritt InternationalJoint venture40Mine development          Madagascar     3,465,358,114 lbs
AMBATOVYSUMITOMO METALJoint venture27.5Mine development          Madagascar     3,465,358,114 lbs
NKOMATI MINE & EXPANSIONAFRICAN RAINBOWJoint venture50Production          South Africa     mpumalanga3,150,974,519 lbs
NKOMATI MINE & EXPANSIONNORILSKOwner50Production          South Africa     mpumalanga3,150,974,519 lbs
ONÇA PUMAVale Do RioAdvanced discovery          Brazil     3,095,290,161 lbs
SHEBA'S RIDGERIDGE MININGJoint venture65Feasibility          South Africa     3,063,764,058 lbs
SHEBA'S RIDGEAnglo American PlatinumJoint venture35Feasibility          South Africa     3,063,764,058 lbs
HONEYMOON WELLNORILSKOwner80Feasibility          Australia     2,783,732,892 lbs
MUREMERANYOTA MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Burundi     2,747,599,127 lbs
NKAMOUNAGEOVICOwner60.5Mine development          Cameroon     2,633,972,760 lbs
KOLA PENINSULAEURASIA MJoint venture50Production          Russia     2,480,872,372 lbs
KOLA PENINSULAAnglo PlatJoint venture50Production          Russia     2,480,872,372 lbs
Goro-tiebaghiVale IncoOwner100Brown exploration          New Caledonia     2,463,665,796 lbs
NIWESTGME RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia2,338,035,360 lbs
TURNAGAINHARD CREEKOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia2,230,324,484 lbs
LEINSTER - UGBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia1,909,644,115 lbs
LEINSTER - OCBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia1,876,795,238 lbs
VOISEY'S BAYINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return2.7Production          Canada     Newfoundland1,840,948,074 lbs
VOISEY'S BAYALTIUS MIN.Net Smelter Return0.3Production          Canada     Newfoundland1,840,948,074 lbs
GOONGARRIE SOUTH - GOONGARRIEVale IncoJoint venture60Advanced discovery          Australia     1,753,358,417 lbs
GOONGARRIE SOUTH - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Australia     1,753,358,417 lbs
MINDOROINTEX RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Philippines     1,706,377,909 lbs
HAMPTON (KNP PROJECT)HERON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     1,571,940,022 lbs
EAST MADAGEOVICOwner100Advanced discovery          Cameroon     1,534,417,345 lbs
SANTA RITAMIRABELA NICKELOwner100Production          Brazil     1,523,945,429 lbs
SOUKER PROPERTYKOLA MININGOwner100Early discovery          Russia     Murmansk1,500,639,881 lbs
NONOCPacific Nickel PhilippinesOwnerCare and Maintenance          Philippines     1,494,734,138 lbs
SIBERIA NORTHHERON RES.Advanced discovery          Australia     1,465,699,258 lbs
HIGHWAY - GOONGARRIEVale IncoJoint venture60Advanced discovery          Australia     1,459,989,285 lbs
HIGHWAY - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Australia     1,459,989,285 lbs
MARLBOROUGHGladstone Pacific NickelOwner100Mine development          Australia     1,432,246,314 lbs
RÖNNBÄCKENIGE RES. ABOwner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     Västerbotten1,346,014,705 lbs
LOMA DE NIQUELANGLO AMERICANOwner91.4Production          Venezuela     1,303,659,495 lbs
ACOJE MINERUSINAJoint venture40Advanced discovery          Philippines     1,175,703,198 lbs
ACOJE MINEEUROPEAN NICKELJoint venture40Advanced discovery          Philippines     1,175,703,198 lbs
KABANGABARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Tanzania     1,163,599,858 lbs
KABANGAXSTRATAJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Tanzania     1,163,599,858 lbs
KUN-MANIEAMUR MIN.Interest100Advanced discovery          Russia     1,133,109,889 lbs
BINDURA NICKEL CORPORATIONMWANA AFRICAInterest53Care and Maintenance          Zimbabwe     991,861,922 lbs
GOONGARRIE HILL - GOONGARRIEVale IncoJoint venture60Advanced discovery          Australia     983,746,706 lbs
GOONGARRIE HILL - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Australia     983,746,706 lbs
DEVOLLIEUROPEAN NICKELOwner100Advanced discovery          Albania     941,814,784 lbs
FORRESTANIAWESTERN AREAS NLOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia922,201,509 lbs
BIG FOUR - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     895,561,801 lbs
ÇALDAGEUROPEAN NICKEL100Mine development          Turkey     827,086,223 lbs
BIRCH LAKEDULUTH METALSOwner100Feasibility          USA     Minnesota797,211,955 lbs
BULONG - EASTHERON RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia776,291,718 lbs
DUTWAAFRICAN EAGLEInterest90Advanced discovery          Tanzania     Kilimafedha751,776,314 lbs
AGATAMindoro Res.Owner100Feasibility          Philippines     710,021,643 lbs
EUCALYPTUSGME RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     649,040,900 lbs
EUCALYPTUSRegal Res.Advanced discovery          Australia     649,040,900 lbs
SELKIRKNORILSKMine development          Botswana     628,758,372 lbs
ZAMBALES DEPOSITEUROPEAN NICKELJoint venture40Feasibility          Philippines     611,341,853 lbs
ZAMBALES DEPOSITRUSINAJoint venture40Feasibility          Philippines     611,341,853 lbs
Sechol ProjectBHP BILLITONOwner100Brown exploration          Guatemala     592,949,775 lbs
SOUKERKOLA MININGOwner100Brown exploration          Russia     590,397,916 lbs
MOUNT KEITH - SPBHP BILLITONProduction          Australia     555,564,901 lbs
MOUNT KEITH - SPFRANCO NEVADARoyaltyProduction          Australia     555,564,901 lbs
BIG FOUR HERON - GOONGARRIEVale IncoJoint venture60Advanced discovery          Australia     553,404,371 lbs
BIG FOUR HERON - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Australia     553,404,371 lbs
HUNTER’S ROADMWANA AFRICAInterest53Mine development          Zimbabwe     536,437,595 lbs
NOKOMISDULUTH METALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario534,668,517 lbs
WELD RANGEDRAGON MININGInterest100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia531,975,439 lbs
WELD RANGEMinara Res.Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia531,975,439 lbs
WELD RANGEMidwestAdvanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia531,975,439 lbs
WELD RANGECougarAdvanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia531,975,439 lbs
AVEBURYMinmetals100Care and Maintenance          Australia     501,838,247 lbs
SPOTTED QUOLLWESTERN AREAS NLAdvanced discovery          Australia     457,806,863 lbs
BIG FOUR PLACER - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Australia     457,062,362 lbs
SANTA CRUZBenguetOwner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     441,717,307 lbs
KEVISTAFIRST QUANTUMOwner100Advanced discovery          Finland     Lapland434,442,934 lbs
LAKE JOHNSTONNORILSKOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia434,019,646 lbs
Bowden LakeCROWFLIGHT MINERALBrown exploration          Canada     426,840,500 lbs
Bowden LakeXSTRATABrown exploration          Canada     426,840,500 lbs
MT KILKENNYGME RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia425,159,268 lbs
CANEGRASSNickeloreAdvanced discovery          Australia     416,673,668 lbs
Fenix (exmibal)Skye Res.Early discovery          Guatemala     384,927,100 lbs
LYNN LAKEPROPHECY DEVELOPMENTOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Manitoba378,842,351 lbs
BUCKO LAKECROWFLIGHT MINERALOption on interest100Production          Canada     373,286,311 lbs
BUCKO LAKEXSTRATAOwner100Production          Canada     373,286,311 lbs
NICKEL KINGSTRONGBOW100Advanced discovery          Canada     Saskatchewan360,375,550 lbs
CLIFFS - UGBHP BILLITONOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     359,353,487 lbs
MT THIRSTYBARRA RES.Joint venture50Mine development          Australia     Western Australia355,640,903 lbs
MT THIRSTYFISSION ENERGY LTDJoint venture50Mine development          Australia     Western Australia355,640,903 lbs
WANBANNAGME RESOURCESAdvanced discovery          Australia     328,488,771 lbs
AGUABLANCALUNDIN MININGOwner100Production          Spain     319,901,766 lbs
JericoNORILSKOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     304,237,922 lbs
ACT (ADLAY CAGDIANAO TANDAWA NICKEL)PLATINUM GROUP METALSInterest40Advanced discovery          Philippines     Surigao del Norte300,203,462 lbs
ACT (ADLAY CAGDIANAO TANDAWA NICKEL)BHP BILLITONAdvanced discovery          Philippines     Surigao del Norte300,203,462 lbs
PILANESBESGPLATMINOwner72.39Mine development          South Africa     298,405,705 lbs
PARDOO (HIGHWAY AND SUPPLY WELL)SEGUE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western australia295,639,894 lbs
PARDOO (HIGHWAY AND SUPPLY WELL)MITHRIL RESOption on interest51Advanced discovery          Australia     Western australia295,639,894 lbs
MUNALIALBIDONOwner100Production          Zambia     272,491,356 lbs
Sleeping Giant TanzaniaContinental Nickel (cni)Owner10Advanced discovery          Tanzania     261,424,150 lbs
Honeymoon WellXSTRATAGreen exploration          Australia     Western Australia261,082,434 lbs
CUMPIE HILLGLOBESTAR MININGOwner100Production          Dominican Republic     SANTO DOMINGO230,074,417 lbs
SHERLOCK BAYAustralasian ResourcesFeasibility          Australia     Pilbara223,989,658 lbs
WELLGREENPROPHECY DEVELOPMENTOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Yukon Territory213,473,608 lbs
FLYING FOX MINEWESTERN AREAS NLOwner100Production          Australia     210,643,975 lbs
SCOTIA - GOONGARRIEVale IncoJoint venture60Advanced discovery          Australia     190,126,655 lbs
SCOTIA - GOONGARRIEHERON RES.Joint venture40Advanced discovery          Australia     190,126,655 lbs
MURRIN NORTHGME RESOURCESOwner100Production          Australia     187,511,091 lbs
MURRIN NORTHMinara Res.Production          Australia     187,511,091 lbs
Lower Coleman MineVale IncoOwner100Past producer          Canada     180,779,053 lbs
BELL CREEK SOUTHMlmAdvanced discovery          Australia     Queensland179,659,107 lbs
BELL CREEK SOUTHINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYAdvanced discovery          Australia     Queensland179,659,107 lbs
SERRA AZUL SAPROLITEMIRABELA NICKELOwner100Advanced discovery          Brazil     165,906,671 lbs
NTAKA HILLContinental Nickel (cni)Owner100Advanced discovery          Tanzania     162,049,463 lbs
NTAKAIMX RESOURCES NLInterest30Advanced discovery          Tanzania     150,405,969 lbs
Forrestania/ BountyMinara Res.Owner100Green exploration          Australia     142,502,395 lbs
RAVENSTHORPE - SPBHP BILLITONCare and Maintenance          Australia     142,418,621 lbs
South Norway ProjectXSTRATA100Advanced discovery          Norway     132,425,728 lbs
South Norway ProjectBlackstone VenturesAdvanced discovery          Norway     132,425,728 lbs
MOKOPANEBLACKTHORN RESOwner74Advanced discovery          South Africa     Limpopo127,784,336 lbs
LONG NICKELINDEPENDENCE GROUPOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia118,862,229 lbs
LOCKERBY MINEFIRST NICKELOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario118,555,786 lbs
BARNES HILLProto Res.Owner100Feasibility          Tasmania     118,412,265 lbs
LOUNGE LIZARDKagaraOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia117,035,258 lbs
LEVACK MINEQUADRAFNXOwner100Production          Canada     113,219,500 lbs
Maggie Hays (lake Johnston)XSTRATAGreen exploration          Australia     Western Australia109,807,401 lbs
Maggie Hays (lake Johnston)BHP BILLITONGreen exploration          Australia     Western Australia109,807,401 lbs
KoniamboXSTRATAOwner51Mine development          New Caledonia     108,698,142 lbs
SHAKESPEAREUrsa MajorOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario106,999,154 lbs
WEST GRAHAMFIRST NICKELJoint venture70Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario101,577,987 lbs
WEST GRAHAMLANDORE RES.Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario101,577,987 lbs
KENBRIDGECanadian ArrowOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia101,346,722 lbs
MEL PROPERTYVictory NickelInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     101,225,578 lbs
MARINERSMINCOROwner100Production          Australia     98,021,931 lbs
LEINSTER - SP OXIDISEDBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia97,444,320 lbs
MIITELMINCOROwner100Production          Australia     95,991,474 lbs
SALLY MALAY PROJECTPANORAMIC RES.Production          Australia     Western Australia95,283,345 lbs
SAVANNAHPANORAMIC RES.Production          Australia     94,664,291 lbs
Buli Area ProspectsPt Antam TbkOwner100Advanced discovery          Indonesia     89,510,214 lbs
BROWNS EASTCompass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     87,413,287 lbs
LAC DES ILESNORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUMOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario84,794,857 lbs
Ungava (v V C)Goldbrook VenturesGreen exploration          Canada     84,395,602 lbs
Yerilla ProjectVulcan Res.Green exploration          Australia     80,821,465 lbs
Yerilla ProjectALACER GOLDGreen exploration          Australia     80,821,465 lbs
BANPHUCASIAN MINERAL RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Vietnam     Son La Province78,572,752 lbs
ALPHAMbmi Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Philippines     Palawan77,964,054 lbs
SINCLAIRXSTRATAOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia74,177,524 lbs
LANGMUIRROGUE RESOwner100Early discovery          Canada     Ontario73,405,116 lbs
BOUNDARY - OLD NICKHUAKAN INTERNATIONALOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     British Columbia72,730,050 lbs
DIKOLOTIDISCOVERY METALSOwner85Advanced discovery          Botswana     72,532,084 lbs
DIKOLOTIXSTRATAOwner15Advanced discovery          Botswana     72,532,084 lbs
MINAGOVictory NickelOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Manitoba69,842,443 lbs
Kuhmo Peura - AhoVulcan Res.Green exploration          Finland     69,271,005 lbs
Kuhmo Peura - AhoKarelian DiamondGreen exploration          Finland     69,271,005 lbs
Phoenix Mine (tati Nickel)XSTRATAProduction          Botswana     67,461,453 lbs
Selkirk Mine (tati Nickel)XSTRATAOwner100Past producer          Botswana     67,263,039 lbs
MCCREEDY WEST MINEQUADRAFNXProduction          Canada     66,279,775 lbs
MCCREEDY WEST MINEVale IncoProduction          Canada     66,279,775 lbs
LAC LEVACProdigy GoldInterest100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec66,224,218 lbs
LAC NEVACNemaska ExplorationOwner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec66,224,218 lbs
MERTONDALEGME RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     64,815,906 lbs
TEXMONTFLETCHER NICKELInterest100Past Producer          Canada     Ontario64,701,265 lbs
TEXMONTPast Producer          Canada     Ontario64,701,265 lbs
NornicoMlmOwner100Brown exploration          Australia     62,620,103 lbs
KUHMOVulcan Res.Joint venture95Advanced discovery          Finland     61,753,684 lbs
KUHMODRAGON MININGJoint venture5Advanced discovery          Finland     61,753,684 lbs
HEPIGME RESOURCESOwner100Production          Australia     59,954,712 lbs
HEPIMinara Res.Production          Australia     59,954,712 lbs
HITURABELVEDERE RES.100Care and Maintenance          Finland     58,035,147 lbs
CAWSENORILSKOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     53,837,985 lbs
BROWNSCompass Res.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Northern Territory52,977,084 lbs
WAITE KAURIGME RESOURCESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     52,772,051 lbs
OTTER JUANMINCORProduction          Australia     49,518,029 lbs
KIRKWOODQUADRAFNXInterest100Production          Canada     Ontario49,053,734 lbs
VICTORIA - INCOQUADRAFNXInterest100Production          Canada     Ontario49,053,734 lbs
VICTORIA - INCOVale IncoProduction          Canada     Ontario49,053,734 lbs
HartCanadian ArrowGreen exploration          Canada     Ontario47,716,851 lbs
HartLiberty MinesGreen exploration          Canada     Ontario47,716,851 lbs
PREMIERE RIDGEFIRST NICKELOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Ontario47,672,760 lbs
PREMIERE RIDGEXSTRATAMine development          Canada     Ontario47,672,760 lbs
MayvilleMustangOwner100Green exploration          Canada     46,786,723 lbs
DURKINMINCOROwner100Production          Australia     42,774,088 lbs
JUNIOR LAKELANDORE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Canada     Ontario41,411,630 lbs
LANFRANCHIPANORAMIC RES.Owner100Production          Australia     Western Australia39,869,718 lbs
MCMAHON/KENMINCOROwner100Production          Australia     38,988,751 lbs
STOCKWELLMINCORProduction          Australia     38,067,218 lbs
AREA 55Compass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     37,654,954 lbs
PODOLSKYQUADRAFNX100Production          Canada     37,500,631 lbs
LEINSTER - SPBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia37,478,585 lbs
GOODYEARAUSTRALIAN MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     32,500,547 lbs
M11aCROWFLIGHT MINERALBrown exploration          Canada     30,857,000 lbs
M11aXSTRATABrown exploration          Canada     30,857,000 lbs
SHEBANDOWAN - BAND-ORENORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUMOwner50Advanced discovery          Canada     30,146,230 lbs
SHEBANDOWAN - BAND-OREVale IncoOwner50Advanced discovery          Canada     30,146,230 lbs
GREENVALE PROJECTBEACON MINERALSOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Queensland29,519,896 lbs
GREENVALE PROJECTGlengarryAdvanced discovery          Australia     Queensland29,519,896 lbs
VAMMALADRAGON MINING100Mine development          Finland     27,936,250 lbs
VICTORIAQUADRAFNXProduction          Canada     Ontario27,767,938 lbs
BIRD RIVER - NI ZONEMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba26,742,072 lbs
BIRD RIVER - NI ZONEGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba26,742,072 lbs
Halfway LakeXSTRATAGreen exploration          Canada     26,164,462 lbs
VALKEISENRANTABELVEDERE RES.Advanced discovery          Finland     KUOPIO24,105,344 lbs
SUDBURYXSTRATAOwner100Production          Canada     QuebecTimmins23,988,347 lbs
SAHAKOSKIBELVEDERE RES.Advanced discovery          Finland     22,928,075 lbs
FALCONDO MINEXSTRATAInterest85.26Care and Maintenance          Dominican Republic     20,898,531 lbs
FALCONDO MINEFRANCO NEVADAInterest4.1Care and Maintenance          Dominican Republic     20,898,531 lbs
MARRIOTT’SAUSTRALIAN MINESOwner100Advanced discovery          Australia     20,738,885 lbs
SILVER SWANXSTRATA80Production          Australia     20,666,132 lbs
SILVER SWANNORILSKProduction          Australia     20,666,132 lbs
REDROSSMINCORProduction          Australia     19,138,329 lbs
CARNILYA HILLMINCOROwner70Production          Australia     18,992,824 lbs
MMS VICKENCONTINENTAL PRECIOUS MIN.Owner100Advanced discovery          Sweden     18,653,405 lbs
HAUTALAMPIBELVEDERE RES.Owner100Mine development          Finland     17,883,258 lbs
Thierry MineIberian MineralsOwner100Past producer          Canada     17,667,846 lbs
RAGLANXSTRATA100Production          Canada     Quebec16,078,524 lbs
RAGLANENCORE RENAISSANCE RES.Production          Canada     Quebec16,078,524 lbs
KabangaBARRICK GOLD50Advanced discovery          Tanzania     15,132,530 lbs
CODEMINANGLO AMERICANOwner100Production          Brazil     Goiàs14,660,741 lbs
Mcwatters/ Shaw DomeLiberty MinesOwner100Brown exploration          Canada     14,160,953 lbs
WATERLOONORILSKOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia12,200,823 lbs
BIRD RIVER - PAGE BLOCKMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba12,121,677 lbs
BIRD RIVER - PAGE BLOCKGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba12,121,677 lbs
WANNAWAYMINCORProduction          Australia     11,871,893 lbs
LOSKOPPLATMINInterest72.39Advanced discovery          South Africa     Mpumalanga11,858,445 lbs
Wildara (amaroc-waterloo)XSTRATAOwner100Brown exploration          Australia     11,097,188 lbs
MCMAHONGALAXY RES.Owner100Green exploration          Australia     Western Australia10,798,241 lbs
BLAIRAUSTRALIAN MINESOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia10,423,242 lbs
BLAIRPioneer ResourcesProduction          Australia     Western Australia10,423,242 lbs
MACEY HILLGME RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     9,259,415 lbs
COPERNICUS JVPANORAMIC RES.Joint venture60Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia9,238,251 lbs
COPERNICUS JVTHUNDELARRAJoint venture40Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia9,238,251 lbs
Onaping DepthXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Ontario9,063,645 lbs
ShanganiOwner100Past Producer          Zimbabwe     8,055,691 lbs
REDSTONELiberty MinesOwnerCare and Maintenance          Canada     Ontario7,928,705 lbs
OORLOGSFONTEINPLATMINAdvanced discovery          South Africa     Limpopo7,279,664 lbs
CAMERONMINCOROwner100Production          Australia     6,984,244 lbs
TATI NICKELNORILSKOwner85Production          Botswana     6,021,927 lbs
NICKEL RIM SOUTHXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Sudbury5,317,550 lbs
NORTH DORDIEMINCORProduction          Australia     4,993,470 lbs
SarkalahtiAdvanced discovery          Finland     4,272,559 lbs
ZONE 29VIEW RES.Advanced discovery          Australia     4,041,073 lbs
MäntymäkiBELVEDERE RES.Owner100Advanced discovery          Finland     4,021,232 lbs
HyveläAdvanced discovery          Finland     3,864,703 lbs
LANGMUIRInspiration MiningOwner100Early discovery          Canada     Ontario3,355,215 lbs
SYLVIEGoldbrook VenturesJoint venture50Advanced discovery          Canada     Quebec3,352,570 lbs
MT FITCHCompass Res.Owner100Advanced discovery          Australia     Northern Territory3,152,610 lbs
Norton LakeTrillium North Min.Brown exploration          Canada     2,895,551 lbs
Norton LakeCascadia Res.Brown exploration          Canada     2,895,551 lbs
Norton LakeEast WestBrown exploration          Canada     2,895,551 lbs
FRASER MORGANXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario2,888,056 lbs
GELLATLYMINCOROwner100Production          Australia     2,173,758 lbs
PomalaaPt Antam TbkProduction          Indonesia     Sulawesi1,616,454 lbs
Gee IslandPt Antam TbkOwner100Production          Indonesia     1,357,166 lbs
Ruth WellFox Res.Green exploration          Australia     Western Australia1,309,546 lbs
THUNDER BAY NORTHMagma MetalsOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario1,290,145 lbs
Maggie HaysXSTRATA100Mine development          Australia     1,193,865 lbs
SARKINIEMIBELVEDERE RES.100Advanced discovery          Finland     1,137,585 lbs
ALEXOCanadian ArrowOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario539,692 lbs
BIRD RIVER - ZN & CU ZONEMARATHON PGMOwner53Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba475,758 lbs
BIRD RIVER - ZN & CU ZONEGOSSAN RESOURCESOwner47Advanced discovery          Canada     Manitoba475,758 lbs
ArmstrongMine development          Australia     259,638 lbs
Emily AnnXSTRATAOwner100Production          Australia     210,127 lbs
132nTitan Resource Int.Option on interest50Advanced discovery          Australia     Western Australia134,447 lbs
BLACK SWANNORILSKOwner80Care and Maintenance          Australia     4,931 lbs
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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