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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
XIETONGMENCONTINENTAL MINERALSOwner100Mine development          China     108,779,801,059 oz
PASCUA LAMABARRICK GOLDOwner100Mine development          Chile     818,064,169 oz
PASCUA LAMASILVER WHEATONInterest25Mine development          Chile     818,064,169 oz
PASCUA LAMAINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return3.15Mine development          Chile     818,064,169 oz
PASCUA LAMAROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return1.06Mine development          Chile     818,064,169 oz
MetatesChesapeake GoldOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     533,617,052 oz
KERR (KSM)SEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia368,182,312 oz
CORANIBEAR CREEK MININGOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Puno361,412,140 oz
SUNSHINE MINEGOLD FINDERSCare and Maintenance          USA     IdahoSilver Valley286,127,476 oz
ROCK CREEKREVETTOwner100Feasibility          USA     Montana228,777,639 oz
MONTANORE (ROCK LAKE)MINES MANAGEMENTOwner100Feasibility          USA     Montana209,650,143 oz
FUWAN SILVERMINCO SILVEROwner100Feasibility          China     196,021,237 oz
HACKETT RIVERSABINAOwner100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut180,623,095 oz
HACKETT RIVERXSTRATAOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut180,623,095 oz
AGUA RICAXSTRATAJoint venture50Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina173,005,383 oz
AGUA RICAGOLDCORPJoint venture37.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina173,005,383 oz
AGUA RICAYAMANA GOLDJoint venture12.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina173,005,383 oz
SANTA ANA PERUBEAR CREEK MININGOwner100Mine development          Peru     164,207,048 oz
LA PRECIOSAORKO SILVERJoint venture100Feasibility          Mexico     Sierra MadreDurango160,136,439 oz
LA PRECIOSAPAN AMERICAN SILVERJoint venture55Feasibility          Mexico     Sierra MadreDurango160,136,439 oz
MITCHELL ZONESEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia126,163,838 oz
WOLVERINEATNA RESOURCESNet Smelter Return10Mine development          Canada     Yukon Territories114,746,877 oz
EL PACHONXSTRATA100Feasibility          Argentina     106,785,490 oz
CASINOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     YukonTintina74,702,903 oz
GOLTSOVOYEOVOCA GOLDOwner100Mine development          Russia     69,243,063 oz
CAMINO ROJOCANPLATS RES.Owner100Feasibility          Mexico     Zacatecas68,311,247 oz
DUGALD RIVERMinmetals100Feasibility          Australia     Queensland67,760,913 oz
JOAQUINCOEUR D'ALÈNEJoint venture61Feasibility          Argentina     67,628,176 oz
JOAQUINMIRASOL RES.Joint venture39Feasibility          Argentina     67,628,176 oz
PUMPKIN HOLLOWNEVADA COPPEROwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada63,669,878 oz
ROCHESTERCOEUR D'ALÈNEOwner100Care and Maintenance          USA     Nevada61,476,442 oz
GAOCHENG (GC)SILVERCORP METALSInterest95Mine development          China     Guangdong59,111,141 oz
KITSAULTAVANTI MININGOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia58,753,592 oz
HIDDEN VALLEY & KAVEROIHARMONY GOLDOwner50Mine development          Papua New Guinea     Morobe55,556,490 oz
HIDDEN VALLEY & KAVEROINEWCRESTOwner50Mine development          Papua New Guinea     Morobe55,556,490 oz
CAÑARIACOCANDENTE COPPEROwner100Feasibility          Peru     54,842,743 oz
BROKEN HILL - RASPCBH RES.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     53,795,947 oz
LARONDEAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Feasibility          Canada     AbitibiVal D'or52,752,752 oz
INMACULADAHOCHSCHILDInterest60Feasibility          Peru     50,554,573 oz
INMACULADAINTL. MINERALSOption on interest40Feasibility          Peru     50,554,573 oz
TEJAMENOREMEX.Owner100Feasibility          Mexico     48,663,772 oz
YANDERAMARENGO MININGOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     42,901,956 oz
NUEVO MILENIOAGAVE SILVEROwner100Mine development          Mexico     Nayarit41,072,069 oz
BowdensKINGSGATEOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     37,107,107 oz
EL GALLO MEXICOMCEWEN MININGOwner100Mine development          Mexico     Sinaloa37,037,821 oz
CERRO CASALEKINROSS GOLDJoint venture49Feasibility          Chile     35,462,180 oz
PULACAYO-PACAAPOGEEOption on interest60Feasibility          Bolivia     34,975,479 oz
EL CUBOAURICOOwner100Care and Maintenance          Mexico     34,330,921 oz
PINGÜINOARGENTEX MININGInterest100Feasibility          Argentina     33,232,002 oz
HELLYER MINEBASS METALSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Tasmania31,854,960 oz
BROKEN HILLCBH RES.100Mine development          Australia     New South Wales28,567,096 oz
CERTEJEUROPEAN GOLDFIELDSInterest80Feasibility          Romania     27,914,760 oz
CIENEGUITARIO TINTOOption on interest80Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua27,262,226 oz
CIENEGUITAPAN AMERICAN GOLDFIELDSJoint venture20Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua27,262,226 oz
SCHAFT CREEKCOPPER FOXOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia22,733,536 oz
TEXAS TWIN HILLS MINEALCYONE RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     South East Queensland20,388,717 oz
LANGLOISBREAKWATER RES.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Canada     Quebec19,720,979 oz
ABCOURT-BARVUEABCOURT MINESOwner100Feasibility          Canada     19,644,354 oz
SOLEDADGolden QueenOwner100Mine development          USA     California19,399,261 oz
SOLEDADINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return3Mine development          USA     California19,399,261 oz
CERRO BAYOMandalay Res.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Chile     Southern Chile18,828,697 oz
TAYLOR MINEGOLDEN PREDATOR.Owner100Mine development          USA     NEvada16,809,596 oz
MIGUEL AUZAEXCELLON RES.Care and Maintenance          Mexico     Zacatecas16,732,920 oz
ROSIA MONTANAGABRIEL RESOURCESLeaser80Mine development          Romania     Transylvania15,155,527 oz
CERRO DE MAIMONGLOBESTAR MININGOwner100Mine development          Dominican Republic     13,031,341 oz
CERRO DE MAIMONXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Mine development          Dominican Republic     13,031,341 oz
KUTCHOCAPSTONE MININGOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia12,896,410 oz
MUNGANAKagaraOwnerMine development          Australia     Queensland12,815,288 oz
LA ZARZAORMONDE MININGInterest100Mine development          Spain     Huelva12,356,561 oz
CERRO MOROExtorre GoldOwner100Feasibility          Argentina     Patagonia12,040,133 oz
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGIN MIN.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales12,037,240 oz
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGINInterestFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales12,037,240 oz
WHITEWASHAUSSIE Q RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland11,991,907 oz
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGIN MIN.Interest100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales11,937,444 oz
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGINFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales11,937,444 oz
EASTERN DRAGONELDORADO GOLDOwner72Mine development          China     Heilongjang11,703,193 oz
SANTANDERTREVALI MININGOwner100Mine development          Peru     Lima Department11,531,765 oz
CHELOPECHDUNDEE PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Mine development          Bulgaria     11,173,220 oz
CHELOPECHNavan MiningMine development          Bulgaria     11,173,220 oz
ROSEMONT RANCHFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return1.5Mine development          USA     Arizona11,005,200 oz
ROSEMONT RANCHAUGUSTA RES.Mine development          USA     Arizona11,005,200 oz
JerusalemDYNASTY METALSOwner100Feasibility          Ecuador     10,730,353 oz
SAN FELIPEHOCHSCHILDJoint venture70Mine development          Mexico     10,058,850 oz
PHILLIPS RIVER - TRILOGY DEPOSITTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia9,689,463 oz
HYCROFTALLIED NEVADAOwner100Mine development          USA     nevada9,498,543 oz
SLEEPERPARAMOUNT GOLD & SILVEROwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada9,271,246 oz
NEW AFTONNEW GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia9,161,876 oz
EL QUEVARGOLDEN MINERALSOwner100Feasibility          Argentina     Salta8,989,992 oz
CERRO BLANCOGOLDCORPOwner100Mine development          Guatemala     8,420,281 oz
DIKULUSHIANVIL MININGInterest90Care and Maintenance          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katang7,770,353 oz
DIKULUSHIMawson WestOption on interest90Care and Maintenance          Congo Dem. Rep. of     Katang7,770,353 oz
CAPIREIMPACT SILVERInterest100Mine development          Mexico     Mamatla7,661,330 oz
PERKOABLACKTHORN RESOwner90Mine development          Burkina Faso     Sanguie7,655,864 oz
SAN LUIS PROJECTSILVER STANDARDOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Ancash7,654,932 oz
SAN LUIS PROJECTALAMOS GOLDNet Smelter Return1Feasibility          Peru     Ancash7,654,932 oz
NIBLACK COPPER CO.HEATHERDALEOwner100Mine development          USA     Alaska7,222,083 oz
Lichkvaz - Ter/ TerterasarTamayaInterest86Mine development          Armenia     Syunik6,808,049 oz
TULSEQUAH CHIEFREDCORP VENTURESOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia6,635,931 oz
TULSEQUAH CHIEFFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia6,635,931 oz
NICKEL RIM SOUTHXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Sudbury6,462,300 oz
MOUNT OXIDEPERILYA LTD.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland5,754,984 oz
ONAPING DEPTHXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario4,865,051 oz
RestigoucheBLUE NOTE MINING100Care and Maintenance          Canada     4,286,042 oz
RestigoucheBREAKWATER RES.Care and Maintenance          Canada     4,286,042 oz
JABAL SAYIDCITADEL RESOURCESJoint venture50Feasibility          Saudi Arabia     4,243,899 oz
SHIMENTOU (SMT)SILVERCORP METALSInterest95Mine development          China     Guangdong4,210,366 oz
J & LHUAKAN INTERNATIONALInterest85Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia4,148,411 oz
CRESCENT MINEGOLD FINDERSOwner100Mine development          USA     IdahoSilver Valley4,114,379 oz
CRESCENT MINEUNITED MINING GROUPOwner80Mine development          USA     IdahoSilver Valley4,114,379 oz
PUEBLO VIEJOBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Mine development          Dominican Republic     3,989,265 oz
PUEBLO VIEJOGOLDCORPJoint venture40Mine development          Dominican Republic     3,989,265 oz
RIO BLANCO - ALEXANDRA NORTHINTL. MINERALSOwner100Mine development          Ecuador     Azuay3,976,809 oz
CERRO JUMILALAMOS GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Morelos3,839,822 oz
KUTCHO CREEKSILVER WHEATONPurchasing ContractMine development          Canada     3,783,397 oz
EL ZAPOTESILVERCREST MINESOwner100Feasibility          El Salvador     3,547,436 oz
MERCEDESYAMANA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora3,433,906 oz
TOKA TINDUNGARCHIPELAGO RES.Owner85Mine development          Indonesia     Sulawesi3,395,119 oz
NORRLIDENGOLD-ORE RES.Interest90Mine development          Sweden     3,272,017 oz
KEMPFIELDARGENT MIN.Interest70Feasibility          Australia     3,117,979 oz
KEMPFIELDGOLDEN CROSS RES.Owner30Feasibility          Australia     3,117,979 oz
MIRADORCORRIENTE RES.Owner100Mine development          Ecuador     3,094,590 oz
MIRADORBHP BILLITONNet Smelter Return2Mine development          Ecuador     3,094,590 oz
ATLANTA GOLDATLANTA GOLDInterest100Feasibility          USA     Idaho2,515,749 oz
SOLWARA 1NAUTILUS MIN.Owner70Mine development          Papua New Guinea     2,189,787 oz
CARMACKSBCGOLDOption on interest100Feasibility          Canada     YukonTintina2,057,648 oz
CARMACKSWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     YukonTintina2,057,648 oz
SULPHURETSSEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia2,011,608 oz
DebarwaSUNRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Eritrea     1,984,917 oz
THAKADUAFRICAN COPPER100Feasibility          Botswana     1,830,278 oz
DAIRIHERALD RES.Interest80Mine development          Indonesia     North Sumatra1,816,517 oz
DAIRIPt Antam TbkInterest20Mine development          Indonesia     North Sumatra1,816,517 oz
CERATTEPETECKOwner100Mine Development          Turkey     1,655,120 oz
SILVER HARTCMC METALSOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Yukon1,250,542 oz
Onaping DepthXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Ontario1,195,365 oz
GOLDEN ZONE PROPERTYMINERA IRLInterest60Feasibility          USA     Alaska1,177,575 oz
GOLDEN ZONE PROPERTYFIRE RIVERFeasibility          USA     Alaska1,177,575 oz
J & L - YELLOW JACKETHUAKAN INTERNATIONALOption on interest100Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia1,165,268 oz
NORMANBY (IMWAUNA)NEW GUINEA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     1,157,427 oz
Pd1XSTRATAOwner100Feasibility          Canada     1,094,255 oz
Pd1SPHINXOption on interest50Feasibility          Canada     1,094,255 oz
HERAYTC RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales1,093,537 oz
KRUMOVGRADDUNDEE PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Mine development          Bulgaria     Krumovgrad927,266 oz
CONONISH (FYNEGOLD)SCOTGOLD RESOURCESOwner100Mine development          U.K.     588,957 oz
FRASER MORGANXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario416,928 oz
RIO BLANCO - SAN LUISINTL. MINERALSOwner100Mine development          Ecuador     Azuay335,880 oz
PERAMA HILLELDORADO GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Greece     252,576 oz
PERAMA HILLFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return2Feasibility          Greece     252,576 oz
LA ARENARIO ALTOOwner100Feasibility          Peru     LIMA204,736 oz
SILVER STRANDNEW JERSEY MININGOwner100Mine development          USA     IdahoSilver Valley189,041 oz
DEE PROJECTBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Mine development          USA     Nevada114,842 oz
DEE PROJECTGOLDCORPJoint venture40Mine development          USA     Nevada114,842 oz
DEE PROJECTFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return4Mine development          USA     Nevada114,842 oz
PREMIERE RIDGEFIRST NICKELOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Ontario83,836 oz
PREMIERE RIDGEXSTRATAMine development          Canada     Ontario83,836 oz
ANGOSTURAGREYSTAROwner100Feasibility          Colombia     77,622 oz
GALMOY MINELUNDIN MININGOwner100Mine development          Ireland     29,707 oz
THUNDER BAY NORTHMagma MetalsOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario16,249 oz
Note : Reserve and resources numbers are given pro-rata of interest in the various projects held
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