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Published : November 16th, 2016

Change in substantial holding (Marathon)

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Change in substantial holding (Marathon)

Partner David Clee

T +61 2 9263 4368

[email protected]

Our ref DXC:TJG:1028611

16 November 2016 By mail



T +61 2 9263 4000 F +61 2 9263 4111 GTLAW.COM.AU


Company Announcements Platform Australian Securities Exchange

Notice of change of interests of substantial holders

Dear Sir/Madam

On behalf of Marathon Asset Management, L.P., we enclose a Form 604 (Notice of change of interests of substantial holders) in respect of Atlas Iron Limited ACN 110 396 168 (ASX:AGO) pursuant to section 671B of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

Yours faithfully

Gilbert + Tobin

David Clee Partner

T +61 2 9263 4368

[email protected]


Form 604

Corporations Act 2001 Section 671B

Notice of change of interests of substantial holder

To Company Name/Scheme Atlas Iron Limited (Atlas) ACN/ARSN 110 396 168

  1. Details of substantial holder (1)

    Name Marathon Asset Management, L.P (Marathon), Marathon Asset Management GP, L.L.C (MAMG), Bruce Richards, Louis Hanover and the entities listed in Annexure A (Associates) (together the Substantial Holders).

    ACN/ARSN (if applicable)

    Not applicable.

    There was a change in the interests of the substantial holder on


    The previous notice was given to the company on


    The previous notice was dated


  2. Previous and present voting power

    The total number of votes attached to all the voting shares in the company or voting interests in the scheme that the substantial holder or an associate

    (2) had a relevant interest (3) in when last required, and when now required, to give a substantial holding notice to the company or scheme, are as

    Class of securities (4)

    Previous notice

    Present notice

    Person's votes

    Voting power (5)

    Person's votes

    Voting power (5)

    Ordinary shares





  3. Changes In relevant interests

    Particulars of each change in, or change in the nature of, a relevant interest of the substantial holder or an associate in voting securities of the company or scheme, since the substantial holder was last required to give a substantial holding notice to the company or scheme are as follows :

    Date of change

    Person whose

    relevant Nature of

    interest change (6) changed

    Consideration given in relation to change (7)

    Class and number of securities affected

    Person's votes affected


    Marathon, MAMG, Net disposalof Bruce Richard, Louis ordinaryshares Hanover

    $3,452,904.21 approx .


    ordinary shares

    136 ,580 ,998

    See Annexure B

    The Managed

    See Annexure B.

    Entities listed in See Annexure B. Annexure B of this

    See Annexure B.

    See Annexure B.

    form .

  4. Present relevant interests

    Particulars of each relevant interest of the substantial holder in voting securities after the change are as follows:

    Holder of relevant interest

    Registered holder of securities

    Person entitled to be

    registered as holder (8)

    Nature of relevant

    interest (6)

    Class and number of securities

    Person's votes


    The Managed Entities

    The Managed Entities

    Relevant interest under sections 608(1)(b) and (c) of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) (Corporations Act) in the ordinary

    shares held by or on behalf of the funds listed in Annexure A of this form (Managed Entities).


    ordinary shares



    The Managed Entities

    The Managed Entities

    In its capacity as the general partner of Marathon.


    ordinary shares


    Bruce Richards

    The Managed Entities

    The Managed Entities

    In his capacity as a person whose voling power in MAMG is greater than 20%.


    ordinary shares


    Louis Hanover

    The Managed Entities

    The Managed Entities

    In his capacity as a person whose voting power in MAMG is greater than 20%.


    ordinary shares


    The Managed Entities

    See Annexure A

  5. Changes in association

The persons who have become associates (2) of, ceased to be associates of, or have changed the nature of their association (9) with, the substantial holder in relation to voting interests in the company or scheme are as follows :

Name and ACN/ARSN (if applicable)

Nature of association

MAMG, Marathon and the Managed Entities

No change in association.

6. Addresses

The addresses of persons named in this fonn are as follows :



Marathon, each of the Managed Entities, MAMG, Bruce Richards and Louis Hanover

One Bryant Park, 38th Floor, New York , New York, United States, 10036


Marathon Asset Management, LP

print name LOUIS HANOVER



sign here Date11


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Atlas Iron Limited

ISIN : AU000000AGO1
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Atlas Iron is an exploration iron company based in .

Atlas Iron holds various exploration projects in Australia.

Its main asset in production is PARDOO in Australia, its main assets in development are WODGINA and RIDLEY MAGNETITE PROJECT in Australia and its main exploration properties are ABYDOS, MT WEBBER and MID WEST IRON in Australia.

Atlas Iron is listed in Australia and in Germany. Its market capitalisation is AU$ 166.7 millions as of today (US$ 134.0 millions, € 111.6 millions).

Its stock quote reached its highest recent level on July 29, 2011 at AU$ 3.96, and its lowest recent point on June 24, 2016 at AU$ 0.01.

Atlas Iron has 9 261 129 728 shares outstanding.

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2/24/2011Reports $30M maiden half year profit
2/14/2011Declares Giralia takeover offer unconditional and accelerate...
11/18/2010Enters into infrastructure MOU with BHP Billiton
11/1/2010Hits 6Mtpa export rate 2 months ahead of schedule
9/17/2010On track to hit 6mtpa after loading first ore on ship at Uta...
9/2/2010Turner River Hub to Play Key Role in Growth to 12Mtpa
8/27/2010Enters New Phase of Growth
7/6/2010More DSO Success at Hercules
5/28/2010Broker Report from Credit Suisse
5/5/2010to Ship Additional Tonnes Through Port Hedland Port Ahead of...
4/29/2010To Raise $63.5 Million To Capitalise On Strong Iron Ore Pric...
3/10/2010Agree to Merge
2/22/2010Atlas And Aurox Enter Into Utah Point Port Cooperation Agree...
1/22/2010Secures Two More Long Term DSO Sales Agreements
11/6/2009Dr David Smith Joins The Atlas Board
10/20/2009Merger Moves Ahead
9/8/2009and Warwick Resources Agree to Merge
7/31/2009June 2009 Quarterly Report
6/15/2009to raise $116.7 Million to fund development of Pilbara Iron ...
5/5/2009Exercises Option to Acquire Iron Ore Rights to Pilbara Tenem...
4/1/2009Secures 6 Million Tonnes of Annual Iron Ore Port Capacity
3/13/2009Construction Commences at Utah Point, Port Hedland
2/17/2009and Talison Complete Infrastructure Sharing Agreement
1/19/2009 Ships Second Commercial Iron Ore to China
1/15/2009Maiden Inferred Resource At Wodgina
12/19/2008Completes Sale of Second Shipment of Connie Deposit Ore
12/15/2008Additional Excellent Results Enhance Wodgina DSO Project
12/5/2008Ships First Commercial Iron Ore to China
11/21/2008Managing Director's Address
11/3/2008 Completes Sale of First Iron Ore Shipment
10/27/2008Abydos infrastructure MOU with Talison
10/27/2008CDE Capital wins contract miner of the year
10/7/2008Ltd: New Hematite Discoveries at Pardoo
9/25/2008Pardoo DSO Project - Mining Team Mobilised to Site
8/6/2008Signs Port Access Agreement with FMG
8/4/2008North West Iron Ore Alliance Maintains Pressure for Fair and...
8/1/2008June 2008 Quarterly Activities Report
7/28/20081.3 Billion Tonne Ridley Magnetite Resource
7/25/2008 DSO Resource and Reserve Update Summary
7/22/2008Pardoo Project Development Update
7/17/2008New Hematite Mineralisation Discovered at Pardoo
6/23/2008Welcomes NCC Recommendation to Declare Goldsworthy Railway
6/16/2008EPA Recommends Pardoo DSO Project for Ministerial Approval
5/19/2008Pardoo Mining Contract Awarded to CDE Capital
5/1/2008Supports Goldsworthy Railway Declaration
4/23/2008to Raise $100 Million to Accelerate Growth of Pilbara Iron O...
4/15/2008 Acquires Option Over Iron Ore Rights to Mt Dove Project fro...
3/25/2008 Targets 120-180Mt of Pilbara Iron Ore
2/25/2008Open BriefingR. Production and Export of DSO
1/31/2008December 2007 Quarterly Activities Report
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