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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
MALMSBURYGBM RES.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     105,454,449 oz
NATALKAPOLYUS MININGOwner100Mine development          Russia     Magadan102,730,702 oz
MITCHELL ZONESEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia67,596,945 oz
KERR (KSM)SEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia60,864,546 oz
CADIA EAST UNDERGROUNDNEWCRESTOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales51,767,525 oz
REKO DIQANTOFAGASTAJoint venture50Feasibility          Pakistan     Baluchistan44,214,080 oz
REKO DIQBARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Feasibility          Pakistan     Baluchistan44,214,080 oz
MENZIESPEAK RESOURCES100Mine development          Australia     41,287,088 oz
DETOUR LAKE (SUNDAY LAKE)DETOUR GOLDOption on interest100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario40,521,137 oz
DETOUR LAKE (SUNDAY LAKE)CONQUEST RES.Owner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario40,521,137 oz
PEBBLENORTHERN DYNASTYOwner50Feasibility          USA     Alaska40,416,702 oz
PEBBLEANGLO AMERICANInterest50Feasibility          USA     Alaska40,416,702 oz
KIBALI (KILO-MOTO)RANDGOLD RES.Joint venture50Feasibility          Congo Dem. Rep. of     28,010,920 oz
KIBALI (KILO-MOTO)AnglogoldJoint venture50Feasibility          Congo Dem. Rep. of     28,010,920 oz
LAS CRISTINASCRYSTALLEXOwner100Feasibility          Venezuela     Bolivar State27,078,393 oz
BRISASGOLD RESERVEOwner100Mine Development          Venezuela     Bolivar24,345,498 oz
PASCUA LAMABARRICK GOLDOwner100Mine development          Chile     22,882,717 oz
PASCUA LAMASILVER WHEATONInterest25Mine development          Chile     22,882,717 oz
PASCUA LAMAINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return3.15Mine development          Chile     22,882,717 oz
PASCUA LAMAROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return1.06Mine development          Chile     22,882,717 oz
MetatesChesapeake GoldOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     19,940,178 oz
MAIN DOME OPEN PITNEWCRESTOwner100Mine Development          Australia     Western Australia19,704,550 oz
AGUA RICAXSTRATAJoint venture50Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina19,057,551 oz
AGUA RICAGOLDCORPJoint venture37.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina19,057,551 oz
AGUA RICAYAMANA GOLDJoint venture12.5Mine development          Argentina     North western argentina19,057,551 oz
MOAB KHOTSONGAnglogoldOwner100Mine Development          South Africa     Gauteng16,133,875 oz
NEZHDANISKOYEPOLYUS MININGOwner100Feasibility          Russia     Yakutia Republic13,877,910 oz
RED CHRISIMPERIALOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia13,539,046 oz
LIVENGOODINTL. TOWER HILLOwner100Feasibility          USA     Alaska13,301,728 oz
LA COLOSAAnglogoldOwner100Mine development          Colombia     Tolima12,962,152 oz
CERRO CASALEKINROSS GOLDJoint venture49Feasibility          Chile     12,702,730 oz
MAOLINGMUNDORO MININGInterest79Feasibility          China     Maoling Province11,963,614 oz
COURAGEOUS LAKESEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     11,322,362 oz
BLOEMHOEKWITS GOLDOwner100Feasibility          South Africa     11,265,943 oz
BLOEMHOEKHARMONY GOLDBack in right40Feasibility          South Africa     11,265,943 oz
EL MORROGOLDCORPJoint venture70Feasibility          Chile     11,184,085 oz
EL MORRONEW GOLDJoint venture30Feasibility          Chile     11,184,085 oz
OYU TOLGOIIVANHOE MINESOwner90.1Mine development          Mongolia     South Gobi10,767,928 oz
OYU TOLGOIRIO TINTOOwnerMine development          Mongolia     South Gobi10,767,928 oz
TASEEVSKOYEHIGHLAND GOLDOwner50Mine development          Russia     Chita10,190,616 oz
GABYINTL. MINERALSOwner100Feasibility          Ecuador     9,762,253 oz
GABYZappa Res.Feasibility          Ecuador     9,762,253 oz
SKOURIESEUROPEAN GOLDFIELDSOwner95Mine development          Greece     8,916,550 oz
CASINOWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     YukonTintina8,724,426 oz
OLYMPIASEUROPEAN GOLDFIELDS95Mine development          Greece     8,450,359 oz
SULPHURETSSEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia8,324,214 oz
TROPICANAAnglogoldOwner70Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia8,253,097 oz
TROPICANAINDEPENDENCE GROUPOption30Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia8,253,097 oz
MT. TODDVISTA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Australia     8,221,167 oz
AKYEMNEWMONTOwner100Mine development          Ghana     7,656,379 oz
CONGANEWMONTJoint venture51.4Mine development          Peru     7,650,417 oz
CONGABUENAVENTURAJoint venture43.65Mine development          Peru     7,650,417 oz
MOUNT MILLIGANTHOMPSON CREEKOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia7,634,780 oz
CHELOPECHDUNDEE PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Mine development          Bulgaria     7,123,757 oz
CHELOPECHNavan MiningMine development          Bulgaria     7,123,757 oz
TAMPAKANXSTRATAOption62.5Feasibility          Philippines     Mindanao7,021,723 oz
TAMPAKANINDOPHILJoint venture32.5Feasibility          Philippines     Mindanao7,021,723 oz
KYUCHUSPOLYUS MININGOwner100Feasibility          Russia     Yakutia Republic6,901,447 oz
SILANGAN (BOYONGAN)PHILEX GOLDJoint venture50Feasibility          Philippines     Mindanao6,301,900 oz
LARONDEAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Feasibility          Canada     AbitibiVal D'or6,293,000 oz
ELEONOREGOLDCORPOwner100Mine development          Canada     Quebec6,248,109 oz
ELEONOREVIRGINIA MINESNet Smelter Return2Mine development          Canada     Quebec6,248,109 oz
ROSIA MONTANAGABRIEL RESOURCESLeaser80Mine development          Romania     Transylvania5,892,761 oz
JEROOYOXUS GOLDOwner66.67Mine development          Kyrgyzstan     Kyrgyz Republic5,603,644 oz
KENCANA UNDERGROUNDNEWCRESTInterest82.5Mine development          Indonesia     Halmahera Island5,548,576 oz
AYANFURIPERSEUS MININGInterest90Feasibility          Ghana     5,409,427 oz
PROSPERITYTASEKOOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia5,065,543 oz
PROSPERITYFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract22Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia5,065,543 oz
RIDGEWAY DEEPSNEWCRESTOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales4,902,989 oz
PETAQUILLA COPPERPetaquilla CopperJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     4,697,224 oz
PETAQUILLA COPPERTECKJoint venture26Feasibility          Panama     4,697,224 oz
AURORAGUYANA GOLDFIELDSOwner100Feasibility          Guyana     4,579,067 oz
VarvarinskoyeMine development          Kazakhstan     North Kazakhstan4,434,450 oz
CERTEJEUROPEAN GOLDFIELDSInterest80Feasibility          Romania     4,390,283 oz
TUCANOBeadell ResInterest100Care and Maintenance          Brazil     Amapa4,331,027 oz
BUZWAGIBARRICK GOLDOwner100Mine development          Tanzania     4,229,538 oz
ESSAKANEIAMGOLDInterest90Mine development          Burkina Faso     4,182,021 oz
NOVOSHIROKINSKOYEHIGHLAND GOLDJoint venture48.25Mine development          Russia     Chita4,170,396 oz
DIDIPIOOceana GoldOwner100Mine development          Philippines     MANILA4,084,318 oz
CAMINO ROJOCANPLATS RES.Owner100Feasibility          Mexico     Zacatecas4,007,079 oz
MIRADORCORRIENTE RES.Owner100Mine development          Ecuador     3,960,178 oz
MIRADORBHP BILLITONNet Smelter Return2Mine development          Ecuador     3,960,178 oz
QUIMSACOCHA PROJECTIAMGOLDOwner100Feasibility          Ecuador     Azuay3,861,038 oz
POGOSUMITOMO METALJoint venture51Mine Development          USA     AlaskaTintina3,806,327 oz
POGOTECKJoint venture40Mine Development          USA     AlaskaTintina3,806,327 oz
CONCORDIAVISTA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Baja California Sur3,599,948 oz
YOUNG - DAVIDSONNORTHGATE MINERALSOwner100Mine development          Canada     Ontario3,401,038 oz
DACHANGINTER-CITIC MIN.Owner100Feasibility          China     Qinghai3,396,919 oz
TWANGIZABANROOwner100Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     3,334,315 oz
TWANGIZACHINA GOLDOption on interest10Mine development          Congo Dem. Rep. of     3,334,315 oz
SCHAFT CREEKCOPPER FOXOwner100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia3,172,121 oz
LA PLANADAGEMINI EXPLORATIONSOwner100Mine development          Colombia     3,150,000 oz
PASSENDROAXMIN100Feasibility          Central African Republic     3,139,778 oz
LENZOLOTOPOLYUS MININGOwner100Mine development          Russia     3,101,968 oz
SONG JIAGOUMAJESTIC GOLDJoint venture60Feasibility          China     Shandong3,074,788 oz
CAMP CAIMANIAMGOLDOwner100Mine Development          French Guyana     2,989,402 oz
MASBATECGA MINING.Owner100Mine development          Philippines     2,965,456 oz
LINDSAY'SCarrick GoldOwner100Feasibility          Australia     2,926,776 oz
NEW AFTONNEW GOLDOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia2,882,099 oz
DUKETON - MOOLART WELLREGIS RESOURCES LTDOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia2,832,931 oz
QUARTZ MOUNTAINSEABRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          USA     oregon2,736,244 oz
INCREDIBLE 6RUSORO MININGOwner100Feasibility          Venezuela     Bolivar2,691,339 oz
GOUNKOTORANDGOLD RES.Owner80Feasibility          Ghana     2,649,189 oz
GOLD MOUNTAINTianshan GoldfieldsOwner100Feasibility          China     Xinjiang2,641,550 oz
GOLDEXAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Mine development          Canada     QuebecVal D'or2,511,238 oz
AMAPARINEW GOLDOwner100Care and Maintenance          Brazil     Amapa State2,483,244 oz
AMAPARIBeadell ResCare and Maintenance          Brazil     Amapa State2,483,244 oz
LINDEROMANSFIELD MIN.Owner100Feasibility          Argentina     Salta2,454,163 oz
BluebirdMercatorOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia2,400,000 oz
GRAMALOTEB2GOLDJoint venture51Feasibility          Colombia     Antioquia2,391,212 oz
GRAMALOTEAnglogoldJoint venture49Feasibility          Colombia     Antioquia2,391,212 oz
YANDERAMARENGO MININGOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     2,279,166 oz
Gold Ridge MineAustralian Solomons GoldOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     2,272,389 oz
FIRE CREEKKLONDEX MINESOwner100Mine development          USA     Nevada2,147,911 oz
KainantuHIGHLANDS PACIFIC100Mine development          Papua New Guinea     2,145,612 oz
LEONORA - TARMOOLAST BARBARAOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Autralia2,121,949 oz
JOANNAAURIZON MINESInterest100Mine development          Canada     Quebec2,061,120 oz
PUMPKIN HOLLOWNEVADA COPPEROwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada2,014,169 oz
RUNRONOMetals Expl.OwnerFeasibility          Philippines     Nueva Vizcaya2,004,413 oz
BARBROOKVANTAGE GOLDFIELDSInterest74Care and Maintenance          South Africa     Mpumalanga1,999,519 oz
KAINANTUBARRICK GOLDOwner100Care and Maintenance          Papua New Guinea     1,993,346 oz
CAÑARIACOCANDENTE COPPEROwner100Feasibility          Peru     1,973,027 oz
KENSINGTONCOEUR D'ALÈNEOwner100Mine Development          USA     Alaska1,950,492 oz
CERRO BLANCOGOLDCORPOwner100Mine development          Guatemala     1,931,659 oz
GATSUURTCENTERRA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Mongolia     Selenge Aimag1,855,082 oz
DUBLIN GULCH EAGLE GOLD MINEVictoria Gold Corp.Owner100Feasibility          Canada     Yukon TerritoryTintina1,793,738 oz
HAILEROMARCO MIN.Owner100Feasibility          USA     South Carolina1,688,171 oz
EDNA MAY AUSTRALIACATALPAOwner100Mine development          Australia     1,683,667 oz
NAMOYABANROOwner100Feasibility          Congo Dem. Rep. of     1,681,684 oz
KRUMOVGRADDUNDEE PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Mine development          Bulgaria     Krumovgrad1,644,491 oz
UZBOY PROJECTALHAMBRA RES.Owner100Feasibility          Kazakhstan     Charsk Goldbelt1,570,484 oz
BALLARATCastlemainOwner100Mine development          Australia     Victoria1,485,364 oz
BAOMAHUNCLUFF GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Sierra Leone     1,451,998 oz
TOKA TINDUNGARCHIPELAGO RES.Owner85Mine development          Indonesia     Sulawesi1,449,677 oz
HOLT MINE & MILLST ANDREW GOLDFIELDSOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Ontario1,445,600 oz
HOLT MINE & MILLROYAL GOLDNet Smelter ReturnMine development          Canada     Ontario1,445,600 oz
INMACULADAHOCHSCHILDInterest60Feasibility          Peru     1,419,179 oz
INMACULADAINTL. MINERALSOption on interest40Feasibility          Peru     1,419,179 oz
LAPAAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Mine development          Canada     QuebecVal D'or1,394,239 oz
NEW LIBERTYAFRICAN AURA MININGOwner100Feasibility          Liberia     1,383,605 oz
EASTERN DRAGONELDORADO GOLDOwner72Mine development          China     Heilongjang1,309,474 oz
JerusalemDYNASTY METALSOwner100Feasibility          Ecuador     1,300,365 oz
JERUSALEMDYNASTY METALSOwner100Feasibility          Ecuador     Zamora Chinchipe1,297,546 oz
KomanaGlencarOwner100Feasibility          Mali     1,250,000 oz
KomanaGOLD FIELDSOption on interest65Feasibility          Mali     1,250,000 oz
FRASERGOLDCHINA MINERAL MININGOption on interest60Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia1,234,849 oz
FRASERGOLDEUREKA RES.Owner40Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia1,234,849 oz
DEGRUSSASANDFIREOwner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia1,222,693 oz
ANDASHKENTOR GOLDInterest80Feasibility          Kyrgyzstan     1,219,156 oz
COPPER HILLGOLDEN CROSS RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     New South Wales1,204,843 oz
LA ARENARIO ALTOOwner100Feasibility          Peru     LIMA1,201,795 oz
KALGOORLIE NORTHEXCELSIOROwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia1,183,887 oz
HILLGROVESTRAITS RES.Owner100Mine Development          Australia     New South Wales1,162,684 oz
CERRO JUMILALAMOS GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Morelos1,144,895 oz
SLEEPERPARAMOUNT GOLD & SILVEROwner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada1,129,818 oz
DUKETON-SATELLITEREGIS RESOURCES LTDOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia1,122,993 oz
ATLANTA GOLDATLANTA GOLDInterest100Feasibility          USA     Idaho1,106,575 oz
WAAZUMAH RES.Owner100Feasibility          Ghana     1,099,810 oz
Lichkvaz - Ter/ TerterasarTamayaInterest86Mine development          Armenia     Syunik1,076,754 oz
SNOW LAKEALEXIS MIN.Interest100Feasibility          Canada     Manitoba1,065,339 oz
SOLEDADGolden QueenOwner100Mine development          USA     California1,053,962 oz
SOLEDADINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return3Mine development          USA     California1,053,962 oz
SINGIDASHANTA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Tanzania     Singida1,031,707 oz
KETTLE RIVERKINROSS GOLDOwner100Mine development          USA     Washington1,018,262 oz
EL GALLO MEXICOMCEWEN MININGOwner100Mine development          Mexico     Sinaloa1,013,462 oz
MAUD CREEKCROCODILE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Northern1,008,427 oz
MAYSKOYEHIGHLAND GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Russia     Chaunski998,377 oz
PERAMA HILLELDORADO GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Greece     941,544 oz
PERAMA HILLFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return2Feasibility          Greece     941,544 oz
KOKA (ZARA GOLD)CHALICEOwner80Feasibility          Eritrea     940,281 oz
ZARADRAGON MININGInterest20Feasibility          Eritrea     939,831 oz
ZARASub-sahara Res.Feasibility          Eritrea     939,831 oz
ALMADENFreegold VenturesOwner100Feasibility          USA     Idaho934,388 oz
ALMADENTerraco GoldOwner100Feasibility          USA     Idaho934,388 oz
SAN RAFAEL/EL PLACERRUSORO MININGMine development          Venezuela     921,312 oz
NORTHPARKES UNDERGROUNDRIO TINTOJoint venture80Mine development          Australia     central new south wales913,724 oz
NORTHPARKES UNDERGROUNDSUMITOMO METALJoint venture20Mine development          Australia     central new south wales913,724 oz
NICOFORTUNE MINERALSOwner100Feasibility          Canada     900,302 oz
SOUTH EUREKATIMBERLINE RES.Owner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada898,426 oz
MT. WRIGHTRESOLUTE MINING100Feasibility          Australia     Queensland895,720 oz
LOOKOUT MOUNTAINTIMBERLINE RES.Owner100Feasibility          USA     Nevada884,254 oz
TOMINGLEYALKANE RES.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     News South Wales839,378 oz
TOMINGLEYCompass Res.Feasibility          Australia     News South Wales839,378 oz
MUNGANAKagaraOwnerMine development          Australia     Queensland835,855 oz
FINKOLOEndeavour MiningInterest50Feasibility          Mali     South829,499 oz
FINKOLORESOLUTE MININGInterest50Feasibility          Mali     South829,499 oz
HELLYER MINEBASS METALSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Tasmania796,374 oz
SIANA-EAST ZONERED 5 LIMITEDLeaser80Feasibility          Philippines     794,445 oz
OROSIB2GOLDOwner100Mine development          Nicaragua     792,707 oz
Arctic (suhanko)NORTH AMERICAN PALLADIUMOption on interest60Feasibility          Finland     782,518 oz
NAMPALAROBEX RES.Owner100Feasibility          Mali     777,559 oz
HASBROUCK - THREE HILLSALLIED NEVADAInterest100Feasibility          USA     Nevada770,435 oz
EL CUBOAURICOOwner100Care and Maintenance          Mexico     719,936 oz
NORMANBY (IMWAUNA)NEW GUINEA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Papua New Guinea     706,030 oz
EL LIMONTECKJoint venture78.8Mine Development          Mexico     683,364 oz
EL LIMONGOLDCORPJoint venture21.2Mine Development          Mexico     683,364 oz
MASSAWARANDGOLD RES.Owner100Feasibility          Senegal     680,104 oz
TENGRELAPERSEUS MININGOwner85Feasibility          Ivory Coast     654,911 oz
ROCK CREEK (NOME)NOVAGOLD RES.Owner100Mine development          USA     Alaska646,584 oz
MISHIWESDOMEOwner100Care and Maintenance          Canada     Ontario640,732 oz
SIANA - MAIN ZONERED 5 LIMITEDLeaser80Feasibility          Philippines     628,547 oz
VAMMALADRAGON MINING100Mine development          Finland     624,129 oz
CAETÉ - PILARJAGUAR MININGOwner100Feasibility          Brazil     Minas Gerais606,543 oz
XIETONGMENCONTINENTAL MINERALSOwner100Mine development          China     595,946 oz
DOUPAVOCET MININGInterest60Feasibility          Indonesia     Kotabunan579,176 oz
HIDDEN VALLEY & KAVEROINEWCRESTOwner50Mine development          Papua New Guinea     Morobe567,139 oz
HIDDEN VALLEY & KAVEROIHARMONY GOLDOwner50Mine development          Papua New Guinea     Morobe567,139 oz
ISIDORARUSORO MININGOwner100Mine development          Venezuela     562,992 oz
TABAKOTOAVION GOLDOwner100Mine development          Mali     548,703 oz
TABAKOTONEVSUN RES.Net Smelter Return1Mine development          Mali     548,703 oz
WOLVERINEATNA RESOURCESNet Smelter Return10Mine development          Canada     Yukon Territories541,678 oz
ROCHESTERCOEUR D'ALÈNEOwner100Care and Maintenance          USA     Nevada538,518 oz
KOMAHUNAXMINMine development          Sierra Leone     536,821 oz
ORTIZSANTA FE GOLD CORPOption on interest100Mine development          USA     New Mexico534,924 oz
RIO BLANCO - ALEXANDRA NORTHINTL. MINERALSOwner100Mine development          Ecuador     Azuay526,755 oz
MOUNT MORGANNORTON GOLD FIELDSOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Queensland522,419 oz
ApexMine Development          USA     519,235 oz
PHILLIPS RIVERTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine Development          Australia     Western Australia518,122 oz
PHILLIPS RIVER - KUNDIP DEPOSITTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia518,122 oz
LA ZARZAORMONDE MININGInterest100Mine development          Spain     Huelva508,239 oz
Black Rock CanyonPacific GoldOwner100Mine development          Canada     500,000 oz
GroundrushTanami GoldOwner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     500,000 oz
MOUNTAIN VIEWALLIED NEVADAInterest100Feasibility          USA     nevada476,178 oz
GOLD HILLKINROSS GOLDJoint venture50Feasibility          USA     Nevada473,246 oz
GOLD HILLBARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Feasibility          USA     Nevada473,246 oz
GOLD HILLROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return2Feasibility          USA     Nevada473,246 oz
PORPHYRYSARACEN MINERALS HOLDINGSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia464,514 oz
CHESTER ONETRELAWNEYOption on interest100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario459,336 oz
TouquoyAtlantic GoldInterest100Feasibility          Canada     454,039 oz
NIBLACK COPPER CO.HEATHERDALEOwner100Mine development          USA     Alaska450,372 oz
PUEBLO VIEJOBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Mine development          Dominican Republic     437,459 oz
PUEBLO VIEJOGOLDCORPJoint venture40Mine development          Dominican Republic     437,459 oz
SOLWARA 1NAUTILUS MIN.Owner70Mine development          Papua New Guinea     435,193 oz
HISLOPST ANDREW GOLDFIELDSOwner100Mine development          Canada     Ontario424,029 oz
CIENEGUITARIO TINTOOption on interest80Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua403,481 oz
CIENEGUITAPAN AMERICAN GOLDFIELDSJoint venture20Feasibility          Mexico     Chihuahua403,481 oz
J & LHUAKAN INTERNATIONALInterest85Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia403,363 oz
VARVARINSKOYE MINEPolymetalOwner100Mine development          Kazakhstan     387,449 oz
HACKETT RIVERSABINAOwner100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut378,782 oz
HACKETT RIVERXSTRATAOption on interest100Mine development          Canada     Nunavut378,782 oz
HYCROFTALLIED NEVADAOwner100Mine development          USA     nevada377,770 oz
BouroumHIGH RIVER GOLDOwner90Mine development          Burkina Faso     367,144 oz
BouroumROYAL GOLDNet Smelter ReturnMine development          Burkina Faso     367,144 oz
SOUTHERN ASHANTI GOLD PROJECTADAMUS RESOURCESOwner90Feasibility          Ghana     SouthAshanti gold Belt363,548 oz
CERRO DE MAIMONGLOBESTAR MININGOwner100Mine development          Dominican Republic     362,275 oz
CERRO DE MAIMONXSTRATANet Smelter Return2Mine development          Dominican Republic     362,275 oz
MERCEDESYAMANA GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora358,898 oz
CERRO MOROExtorre GoldOwner100Feasibility          Argentina     Patagonia358,513 oz
GOLDFIELDS - BOX DEPOSITBRIGUS GOLDInterest100Mine development          Canada     Saskatchewan352,285 oz
GOLDFIELDS - BOX DEPOSITMistango RivreMine development          Canada     Saskatchewan352,285 oz
AURIZONALUNA GOLDOwner100Mine development          Brazil     Maranhão346,563 oz
AURIZONASandstorm GoldInterest17Mine development          Brazil     Maranhão346,563 oz
NICKEL RIM SOUTHXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Sudbury344,656 oz
NEW BRITANNIA MINEALEXIS MIN.Interest100Feasibility          Canada     Manitoba337,127 oz
ARENAL DEEPSOROSUROwner100Mine development          Uruguay     329,895 oz
ARISTANTAUOXUS GOLDOwner100Mine development          Uzbekistan     Kyrylkum328,118 oz
GIDGEEPANORAMIC RES.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia310,107 oz
LA PRECIOSAORKO SILVERJoint venture100Feasibility          Mexico     Sierra MadreDurango306,332 oz
LA PRECIOSAPAN AMERICAN SILVERJoint venture55Feasibility          Mexico     Sierra MadreDurango306,332 oz
MEEKATHARRAECR MINERALS100Mine development          Australia     Murchison306,284 oz
MEEKATHARRAINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return0.45Mine development          Australia     Murchison306,284 oz
PINGÜINOARGENTEX MININGInterest100Feasibility          Argentina     298,551 oz
HERAYTC RESOURCESOwner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales279,699 oz
NUEVO MILENIOAGAVE SILVEROwner100Mine development          Mexico     Nayarit271,535 oz
WILUNATORO ENERGYOwner100Feasibility          Australia     Western Australia258,305 oz
GOLDEN ZONE PROPERTYMINERA IRLInterest60Feasibility          USA     Alaska254,647 oz
GOLDEN ZONE PROPERTYFIRE RIVERFeasibility          USA     Alaska254,647 oz
BLUE SPECNORTHWEST RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     252,348 oz
SAFARI BORESARACEN MINERALS HOLDINGSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia242,846 oz
CLONCURRY COPPERXSTRATAOwner100Feasibility          Australia     225,055 oz
DebarwaSUNRIDGE GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Eritrea     221,666 oz
TAMBORRADIUS GOLDOwner100Mine development          Guatemala     Guatemala City216,184 oz
HODGKINSON BASIN - NORTHCOTEREPUBLIC GOLDJoint venture75Feasibility          Australia     214,863 oz
TUVATUCANADIAN ZINCOption on interest100Mine development          Fiji     Viti Levu210,812 oz
PINE COVE (MINGS BIGHT)ROYAL GOLDMine development          Canada     208,221 oz
PINE COVE (MINGS BIGHT)New Island Res.Mine development          Canada     208,221 oz
PINE COVE (MINGS BIGHT)Newfoundland Goldbar Res.Mine development          Canada     208,221 oz
FUWAN SILVERMINCO SILVEROwner100Feasibility          China     205,816 oz
CARMACKSWESTERN COPPER AND GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Canada     YukonTintina205,765 oz
CARMACKSBCGOLDOption on interest100Feasibility          Canada     YukonTintina205,765 oz
RED OCTOBERSARACEN MINERALS HOLDINGSOwner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia203,051 oz
PAMPALODRAGON MINING100Mine Development          Finland     Eastern Finland202,984 oz
MACO GOLD MINECREW GOLDOwner100Mine development          Philippines     Compostela Valley201,855 oz
DON NICOLASMINERA IRLOwner100Feasibility          Argentina     Santa Cruz201,019 oz
FAIDA - MIYABI PROJECTAFRICAN EAGLEInterest100Mine development          Tanzania     196,557 oz
PUTHEPPANAUSTFeasibility          Thailand     Loei192,904 oz
FetekroLA MANCHA RES.Interest65Feasibility          Ivory Coast     184,855 oz
KUUSAMODRAGON MINING100Feasibility          Finland     177,823 oz
FRANCOEUR MINERICHMONT MINESOwner100Mine development          Canada     Quebec177,275 oz
ROSSIBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Feasibility          USA     Nevada169,086 oz
PHILLIPS RIVER - TRILOGY DEPOSITTECTONIC RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Western Australia168,142 oz
HODGKINSON BASIN - TREGOORAREPUBLIC GOLDOwner100Feasibility          Australia     156,298 oz
HODGKINSON BASIN - TREGOORABHP BILLITONFeasibility          Australia     156,298 oz
SANDSTONE - LORD NELSONTROY RES.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia154,915 oz
SANDSTONE - LORD NELSONWESTERN AREAS NLOption on interest70Care and Maintenance          Australia     Western Australia154,915 oz
CONONISH (FYNEGOLD)SCOTGOLD RESOURCESOwner100Mine development          U.K.     153,584 oz
CERRO BAYOMandalay Res.Owner100Care and Maintenance          Chile     Southern Chile150,399 oz
KUTCHOCAPSTONE MININGOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia149,873 oz
TULSEQUAH CHIEFREDCORP VENTURESOwner100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia145,268 oz
TULSEQUAH CHIEFFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract100Mine development          Canada     British Columbia145,268 oz
SIANA CAVE ZONERED 5 LIMITEDLeaser80Feasibility          Philippines     138,248 oz
KILIMANI - MIYABI PROJECTAFRICAN EAGLE100Mine development          Tanzania     131,522 oz
INDEE-WITHNELLRANGE RIVER GOLDInterest51Mine development          Australia     Western Australia124,433 oz
MINERAL RIDGE MINESCORPIO GOLDJoint venture70Mine development          USA     Nevada123,906 oz
MINERAL RIDGE MINEGOLDEN PHOENIX MINJoint venture30Mine development          USA     Nevada123,906 oz
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGIN MIN.Owner100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales112,849 oz
WOODLAWN UNDERGROUNDTRI ORIGINInterestFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales112,849 oz
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGIN MIN.Interest100Feasibility          Australia     New South Wales111,512 oz
WOODLAWN RETREATMENTTRI ORIGINFeasibility          Australia     New South Wales111,512 oz
NORTHPARKES OPEN PIT AND STOCKPILESRIO TINTOJoint venture80Mine development          Australia     central new south wales109,956 oz
NORTHPARKES OPEN PIT AND STOCKPILESSUMITOMO METALJoint venture20Mine development          Australia     central new south wales109,956 oz
BOBRIKOVOKORAB RES.Interest74Mine development          Ukraine     Lugansk109,409 oz
ROSEBYUNIVERSAL RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland108,927 oz
IDAHO COBALT PROJECTFORMATION METALSOwner100Mine development          USA     IdahoSilver Valley98,431 oz
SHIMENTOU (SMT)SILVERCORP METALSInterest95Mine development          China     Guangdong91,156 oz
GREENWOOD - LEXINGTON GRENOBLEHUAKAN INTERNATIONALNet Smelter Return2Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia89,308 oz
JABAL SAYIDCITADEL RESOURCESJoint venture50Feasibility          Saudi Arabia     84,878 oz
NEW POLARISCANARC RES.Interest100Feasibility          Canada     British Columbia80,094 oz
RIO BLANCO - SAN LUISINTL. MINERALSOwner100Mine development          Ecuador     Azuay78,912 oz
CERATTEPETECKOwner100Mine Development          Turkey     70,217 oz
PORTIAHavilahOwner100Mine development          Australia     67,131 oz
INDEE - CAMEL 1RANGE RIVER GOLDInterest51Mine development          Australia     Western Australia64,347 oz
ONAPING DEPTHXSTRATA100Mine Development          Canada     Ontario61,575 oz
SAN LUIS PROJECTSILVER STANDARDOwner100Feasibility          Peru     Ancash60,652 oz
SAN LUIS PROJECTALAMOS GOLDNet Smelter Return1Feasibility          Peru     Ancash60,652 oz
Onaping DepthXSTRATA100Mine development          Canada     Ontario60,186 oz
SIANA TAILINGSRED 5 LIMITEDLeaser80Feasibility          Philippines     51,441 oz
GREENWOOD - GOLDEN CROWNHUAKAN INTERNATIONALNet Smelter Return2Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia50,840 oz
INDEE - CALVERTRANGE RIVER GOLDInterest51Mine development          Australia     Western Australia48,869 oz
FENELONBalmoral ResOwner100Mine development          Canada     Quebec41,578 oz
NORRLIDENGOLD-ORE RES.Interest90Mine development          Sweden     41,046 oz
KUTCHO CREEKSILVER WHEATONPurchasing ContractMine development          Canada     38,535 oz
ABCOURT-BARVUEABCOURT MINESOwner100Feasibility          Canada     37,800 oz
TEJAMENOREMEX.Owner100Feasibility          Mexico     36,371 oz
GOLDEN SPEC MINENORTHWEST RES.Owner100Mine development          Australia     35,289 oz
GREENWOOD - LONE STARHUAKAN INTERNATIONALNet Smelter Return2Care and Maintenance          Canada     British Columbia34,606 oz
CAPIREIMPACT SILVERInterest100Mine development          Mexico     Mamatla32,402 oz
ShuiyindongZijin Mining100Mine development          China     30,950 oz
INDEE - ROERANGE RIVER GOLDInterest51Mine development          Australia     Western Australia29,637 oz
INDEE TOWERANNARANGE RIVER GOLDInterest51Mine development          Australia     Western Australia29,572 oz
BALCOOMAKagaraOwner100Mine development          Australia     Queensland26,589 oz
BALCOOMAROYAL GOLDMine development          Australia     Queensland26,589 oz
SAN ANTONIOZARUMA RES.Interest100Feasibility          Mexico     Sonora24,110 oz
INDEE - CAMEL 2RANGE RIVER GOLDInterest51Mine development          Australia     Western Australia22,737 oz
THUNDER BAY NORTHMagma MetalsOwner100Feasibility          Canada     Ontario20,392 oz
DEE PROJECTBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Mine development          USA     Nevada20,249 oz
DEE PROJECTGOLDCORPJoint venture40Mine development          USA     Nevada20,249 oz