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Project nameCompanyTitleInterestStatusStatus LevelCountryRisk LevelProvinceTrendTotal
Boddington MineNEWMONTOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia480,666,511 oz
Great DykeZimplatsOwner100Production          Zimbabwe     311,979,013 oz
PACIÊNCIA - SANTA ISABELJAGUAR MININGOwner100Production          Brazil     Minas Gerais199,176,069 oz
TURMALINA - FAINA AND PONTALJAGUAR MININGProduction          Brazil     Minas Gerais169,490,619 oz
GRASBERGFREEPORT MCMORANJoint venture60Production          Indonesia     Papua121,442,694 oz
GRASBERGRIO TINTOJoint venture40Production          Indonesia     Papua121,442,694 oz
OLYMPIC DAM - SULPHIDEBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     104,986,655 oz
EvanderHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     JOHANNESBURG93,824,615 oz
SOUTH DEEPGOLD FIELDSOwner76Production          South Africa     93,712,032 oz
KLOOFGOLD FIELDSInterest100Production          South Africa     Gauteng82,620,989 oz
DRIEFONTEINGOLD FIELDSInterest100Production          South Africa     Gauteng65,146,736 oz
LIHIRNEWCRESTOwner100Production          Papua New Guinea     58,236,673 oz
MPONENGAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     Gauteng55,632,601 oz
RANDFONTEIN UGHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Gauteng51,870,182 oz
MarikanaLonminOwner100Production          South Africa     North West48,316,110 oz
EVANDER (BELOW INFRASTRUCTURE)HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     JOHANNESBURG40,811,097 oz
EVANDER OPERATIONSHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga38,216,692 oz
OBUASIAnglogoldOwner100Production          Ghana     Ashanti38,187,794 oz
OBUASIRANDGOLD RES.Production          Ghana     Ashanti38,187,794 oz
ElandskraalHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Gauteng34,858,309 oz
Fiu - EzulwiniSimmer & Jack MinesJoint venture59.3Production          South Africa     34,336,837 oz
CENTRAL RAND PROJECTCENTRAL RAND GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     33,856,022 oz
ERPMDRDGOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Limpopo31,604,185 oz
FREE GOLD SHAFT CARE & MAINTENANCEHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand30,851,278 oz
OLYMPIADAPOLYUS MININGOwner100Production          Russia     Krasnoyark29,365,849 oz
MASIMONGHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state29,079,836 oz
PHAKISAHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand27,139,570 oz
BURNSTONEGREAT BASIN GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     MpumalangaWitswatersrand Basin26,864,634 oz
EZULWINIFIRST URANIUMOwner93Production          South Africa     Gauteng25,559,844 oz
EZULWINIFRANCO NEVADARoyalty7Production          South Africa     Gauteng25,559,844 oz
BLYVOORUITZICHTDRDGOLDInterest74Production          South Africa     Transvaal25,134,822 oz
MINES ON CARE-FREE STATEHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state25,058,967 oz
TROUT LAKE MINEHUDBAYProduction          Canada     Manitoba23,906,972 oz
J-m ReefNORILSK100Production          USA     Montana23,720,394 oz
SUKARICENTAMINOwner100Production          Egypt     23,606,030 oz
GEITAAnglogoldOwner100Production          Tanzania     23,213,454 oz
GEITAPEAK RESOURCESOption on interest75Production          Tanzania     23,213,454 oz
BEATRIXGOLD FIELDSInterest100Production          South Africa     Free State22,846,321 oz
PARACATUKINROSS GOLDOwner100Production          Brazil     Minas Gerais22,620,529 oz
ELANDSKRAAL UG OPERATING SHAFTHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     North West22,152,636 oz
DOORNKOPHARMONY GOLDInterest100Production          South Africa     Gauteng21,294,500 oz
CORTEZ HILLSBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Production          USA      NevadaBattle Mountain-Eureka21,021,341 oz
CORTEZ HILLSKennecott Min.Joint venture40Production          USA      NevadaBattle Mountain-Eureka21,021,341 oz
LimpopoLonminOwner100Production          South Africa     20,376,500 oz
ELANDSRANDHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     19,100,180 oz
BUFFELSFONTEINSimmer & Jack MinesOwner100Production          South Africa     18,646,648 oz
ORKNEY UG OPERATING SHAFTHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand18,635,441 oz
LOULORANDGOLD RES.Owner80Production          Mali     18,612,000 oz
EVANDER PROJECT BELOW INFRASTRUCTURE ROLSPRUITHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga18,572,650 oz
TSHEPONGHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand18,413,890 oz
BULYANHULUBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Tanzania     18,253,703 oz
AHAFO SOUTHNEWMONTOwner100Production          Ghana     16,486,371 oz
AHAFO SOUTHFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return2Production          Ghana     16,486,371 oz
FREE GOLDHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     15,872,181 oz
TAIMYR PENINSULANORILSKOwner100Production          Russia     15,664,468 oz
PORGERABARRICK GOLDJoint venture95Production          Papua New Guinea      Enga14,894,952 oz
BODDINGTONNEWMONTOwner100Production          Australia     western australia14,809,303 oz
MINERAÇÃOAnglogoldOwner100Production          Brazil     Minas Gerais13,719,133 oz
ROSEBELIAMGOLDJoint venture95Production          Suriname     Brokopondo13,433,485 oz
ROSEBELEURO RESSOURCESNet Smelter Return10Production          Suriname     Brokopondo13,433,485 oz
MALARTICOSISKO MININGOwner100Production          Canada     12,765,583 oz
Anglogold Ashanti MineraçaoAnglogoldOwner100Production          Brazil     Mina Gerais12,386,911 oz
EVANDER 8HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga11,931,496 oz
CARLIN OPEN PITNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     Nevada11,673,696 oz
HARMONY 2HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state11,521,831 oz
GOLDSTRIKE OPEN PITBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend11,188,989 oz
GOLDSTRIKE OPEN PITROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return0.9Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend11,188,989 oz
CRIPPLE CREEK & VICTOR (CRESSON MINE)AnglogoldJoint venture67Production          USA     Colorado11,161,502 oz
CRIPPLE CREEK & VICTOR (CRESSON MINE)Golden Cycle GoldOwner33Production          USA     Colorado11,161,502 oz
CHOCO 10 MINERUSORO MININGOwner100Production          Venezuela     Bolivar11,136,802 oz
CHARTERS TOWERSCITIGOLD100Production          Australia     Queensland11,043,781 oz
WELKOMHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     free state10,854,195 oz
AHAFONEWMONTOwner100Production          Ghana     10,644,469 oz
ESPERANZA (SULPHIDES)ANTOFAGASTAOwner100Production          Chile     Antofagasta10,530,077 oz
BAMBANANIAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     Free State10,460,052 oz
CADIA EAST OPEN PITNEWCRESTOwner100Production          Australia     NSW9,954,836 oz
PHOENIXNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     nevada9,844,888 oz
EVANDER PROJECTS BELOW INFRASTRUCTURE-EVANDER SOUTHHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga9,803,727 oz
RED LAKEGOLDCORPOwner100Production          Canada     OntarioRed Lake9,508,008 oz
TARGETHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state9,014,105 oz
MARICUNGAKINROSS GOLDOwner100Production          Chile     8,846,742 oz
MARICUNGAEXETEROption on interest100Production          Chile     8,846,742 oz
MARICUNGAANGLO AMERICANProduction          Chile     8,846,742 oz
MARICUNGACAPELLA RES.Production          Chile     8,846,742 oz
BAMBANANIHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand8,571,518 oz
BAKYRCHIKIVANHOE MINESInterest70Production          Kazakhstan     8,522,626 oz
EVANDER PROJECTS BELOW INFRASTRUCTURE POPLARHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga8,354,404 oz
KURANAKHPOLYUS MININGOwner100Production          Russia     Yakutia Republic8,291,356 oz
JINFENGELDORADO GOLDOwner82Production          China     Guizhou8,269,815 oz
EVANDER - MINE ON CAREHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga8,236,861 oz
ELANDSKRAAL - DEELKRAAL UG SHAFT ON CAREHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     North West8,148,414 oz
ORKNEY UG SHAFTS ON CAREHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand8,061,478 oz
AMANTAYTAU - SULPHIDEOXUS GOLDInterest50Production          Uzbekistan     Kyzylkum Region7,746,221 oz
UNISELHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state7,664,802 oz
MERRIESPRUIT 1HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state7,658,436 oz
KOPANANGAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     Free State7,641,641 oz
TONGONRANDGOLD RES.Owner76.5Production          Ivory Coast     7,585,573 oz
PADDINGTON GOLD MINENORTON GOLD FIELDSOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia7,367,189 oz
LOS FILOSGOLDCORPOwner100Production          Mexico     Guerrero State7,087,188 oz
MESQUITENEW GOLDOwner100Production          USA     California6,868,354 oz
MESQUITEFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return0.5Production          USA     California6,868,354 oz
TAU TONAAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     North West Province6,433,487 oz
GREAT NOLIGWAAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     Free State6,332,964 oz
KITTILAAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Production          Finland     6,050,913 oz
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECTFIRST URANIUMOwner100Production          South Africa     6,040,418 oz
(MWS) BUFFELSFONTEIN TAILING PROJECTFRANCO NEVADAPurchasing Contract25Production          South Africa     6,040,418 oz
BALD MOUNTAINBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          USA     Nevada6,036,709 oz
BALD MOUNTAINROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return3Production          USA     Nevada6,036,709 oz
BALD MOUNTAINFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return1Production          USA     Nevada6,036,709 oz
BALD MOUNTAINGOLDEN PREDATOR.Net Smelter ReturnProduction          USA     Nevada6,036,709 oz
MANASEMAFOOwner100Production          Burkina Faso     5,962,680 oz
PORCUPINEGOLDCORPJoint venture51Production          Canada     Ontario5,957,003 oz
PORCUPINEKINROSS GOLDJoint venture49Production          Canada     Ontario5,957,003 oz
PORCUPINEIAMGOLDProduction          Canada     Ontario5,957,003 oz
EVANDER - 2, 3 & 5HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga5,879,343 oz
DARASUNHIGHLAND GOLDOwner100Production          Russia     Chita5,871,836 oz
IDUAPRIEMAnglogoldJoint venture80Production          Ghana     5,726,073 oz
BATU HIJAUNEWMONTJoint venture39.37Production          Indonesia     West Nusa Tenggara5,704,360 oz
CHERTOVO KORYTOPOLYUS MININGOwner100Production          Russia     Irkutsk5,673,867 oz
EVANDER 7HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga5,673,224 oz
NAVACHABAnglogold100Production          Namibia     5,662,254 oz
TWIN CREEKSNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     Nevada5,621,467 oz
TWIN CREEKSROYAL GOLDProduction          USA     Nevada5,621,467 oz
MEADOWBANKAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Production          Canada     Nunavut5,609,685 oz
ST IVES MINEGOLD FIELDSOwner100Production          Australia     5,542,467 oz
FORT KNOXKINROSS GOLDOwner100Production          USA     AlaskaTintina5,530,615 oz
SUNRISE DAM GOLD MINEAnglogoldOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia5,522,118 oz
CARLIN UNDERGROUNDNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     Nevada5,519,033 oz
LAMAQUECENTURY MININGOwner100Production          Canada     QuebecVal D'or5,503,486 oz
LIHIR ISLANDNEWCRESTOwner100Production          Papua New Guinea     Lihir Island5,473,182 oz
GOLDSTRIKE UNDERGROUNDBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend5,330,960 oz
GOLDSTRIKE UNDERGROUNDROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return0.9Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend5,330,960 oz
CHANG SHAN HAO (217) GOLD MINECHINA GOLDOwner100Production          China     Inner Mongolia5,251,921 oz
EL CASTILLOARGONAUT GOLDInterest100Production          Mexico     Durango5,213,345 oz
GOSOWONGNEWCRESTJoint venture82.5Production          Indonesia     MALUKU5,165,918 oz
GWALIA DEEPS (SONS OF GWALIA)ST BARBARAOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia5,150,775 oz
GWALIA DEEPS (SONS OF GWALIA)INTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return1.5Production          Australia     Western Australia5,150,775 oz
TAU LEKOAAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     North West Province5,138,291 oz
TAU LEKOASimmer & Jack MinesProduction          South Africa     North West Province5,138,291 oz
TASIASTKINROSS GOLDInterest100Production          Mauritania     5,092,678 oz
TASIASTFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return2Production          Mauritania     5,092,678 oz
TARKWAGOLD FIELDSJoint venture90Production          Ghana     5,091,299 oz
CERRO VANGUARDIAAnglogoldInterest92.5Production          Argentina     Santa Cruz5,081,562 oz
VATUKOULA GOLD MINEVATUKOULAInterest100Production          Fiji     5,005,871 oz
LARONDE EXTENSIONAGNICO-EAGLEOwner100Production          Canada     Abitibi4,995,872 oz
DOLORES MINEPAN AMERICAN SILVEROwner100Production          Mexico     ChihuahuaSierra Madre4,988,052 oz
DOLORES MINEROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return2Production          Mexico     ChihuahuaSierra Madre4,988,052 oz
JOELHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand4,872,446 oz
Damang ProjectGOLD FIELDSInterest79.1Production          Ghana     southwestern Ghana4,843,831 oz
Damang ProjectIAMGOLDInterest18.9Production          Ghana     southwestern Ghana4,843,831 oz
LOS PELAMBRESANTOFAGASTAJoint venture60Production          Chile     4,815,603 oz
KUMTORCENTERRA GOLDOwner100Production          Kyrgyzstan     Krygyz Republic4,815,327 oz
OLYMPIC DAM - NON SULPHIDE AU ONLYBHP BILLITONOwner100Production          Australia     4,789,497 oz
JACOBINAYAMANA GOLD100Production          Brazil     Bahia4,724,533 oz
OK TEDIINMET MININGJoint venture18Production          Papua New Guinea     4,716,515 oz
ST HELENAHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand4,655,428 oz
ALUMBRERAXSTRATAJoint venture50Production          Argentina     4,620,062 oz
ALUMBRERAGOLDCORPJoint venture37.5Production          Argentina     4,620,062 oz
ALUMBRERAYAMANA GOLDJoint venture12.5Production          Argentina     4,620,062 oz
ÇÖPLER GOLD PROJECTALACER GOLDOwner100Production          Turkey     4,618,390 oz
BlyvooruitzichtProduction          South Africa     TRANSVAAL4,491,546 oz
MACRAES OPEN PITOceana Gold100Production          New Zealand     Otago4,487,305 oz
FREE GOLD STOCKPILEHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand4,388,191 oz
FREE GOLD WESTHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Witwatersrand4,322,121 oz
VERNINSKOYEPOLYUS MININGOwner100Production          Russia     Irkutsk4,315,916 oz
NORTH MARABARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Tanzania     Mara region4,270,748 oz
SIGMA-LAMAQUECENTURY MININGOwner100Production          Canada     QuebecVal D'or4,171,216 oz
KALGOLDHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     North west4,162,493 oz
JERRITT CANYONYUKON-NEVADAOwner100Production          USA     Nevada4,149,501 oz
NORSEMAN GOLD MINENORSEMAN GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia4,138,078 oz
EL PEÑONYAMANA GOLDOwner100Production          Chile     Northern Chile4,040,501 oz
PLUTONICBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia3,982,420 oz
KANSANSHIFIRST QUANTUMOwner80Production          Zambia     North western3,955,956 oz
COWALBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     New south wales3,936,460 oz
SAVUKAAnglogoldOwner100Production          South Africa     Gauteng3,918,385 oz
GUALCAMAYOYAMANA GOLD100Production          Argentina     San Juan3,913,359 oz
CHAPADA MINEYAMANA GOLDOwner100Production          Brazil     Goias3,857,041 oz
AGNEWGOLD FIELDSOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia3,748,777 oz
BINGHAM CANYONRIO TINTOOwner100Production          USA     Utah3,744,276 oz
KISLADAGELDORADO GOLDOwner100Production          Turkey     Usak3,737,219 oz
KAPANDUNDEE PRECIOUS METALSOwner100Production          Armenia     3,736,206 oz
SADIOLAIAMGOLDJoint venture38Production          Mali     Western Mali3,616,126 oz
SADIOLAAnglogoldJoint venture38Production          Mali     Western Mali3,616,126 oz
Fiu - Buffes TailingsSimmer & Jack MinesJoint venture65.9Production          South Africa     3,594,174 oz
CROWNDRDGOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     3,562,873 oz
BRAND 3HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state3,550,182 oz
TANAMINEWMONTOwner100Production          Australia     Northern Territory3,522,136 oz
TANAMIExcalibur Mining Corp.Production          Australia     Northern Territory3,522,136 oz
KALGOORLIE "SUPER PIT" JVNEWMONTJoint venture50Production          Australia     western australia3,478,994 oz
KALGOORLIE "SUPER PIT" JVBARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Production          Australia     western australia3,478,994 oz
EL VALLE-BOINÁS/CARLÉSORVANA MIN.Owner100Production          Spain     3,462,197 oz
RANDFONTEIN SURFACE STOCKPILEHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Gauteng3,351,619 oz
MUSSELWHITEGOLDCORPJoint venture68Production          Canada     ONTARIO3,208,484 oz
MUSSELWHITEKINROSS GOLDJoint venture32Production          Canada     ONTARIO3,208,484 oz
Refugio Mine (verde And Pancho)KINROSS GOLDProduction          Chile     3,207,893 oz
SIGUIRIAnglogoldJoint venture85Production          Guinea     Siguiri district3,206,600 oz
SIGUIRIROYAL GOLDProduction          Guinea     Siguiri district3,206,600 oz
San Andrés (christo) MineAURA MINERALSOwner100Production          Honduras     3,178,682 oz
KIRKLAND LAKE PROJECTSKIRKLAND LAKE GOLDOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario3,160,833 oz
WAFIHARMONY GOLDJoint venture50Production          Papua New Guinea     Morobe3,121,741 oz
KANOWNA BELLEBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia3,065,866 oz
ZODVEDANTA RES.Owner100Production          Armenia     3,029,565 oz
CASA BERARDIAURIZON MINESOwner100Production          Canada     Quebec3,016,119 oz
SOUTHERN CROSS - TOTAL AREAST BARBARA100Production          Australia     3,011,914 oz
SOUTHERN CROSS - TOTAL AREAINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return1.5Production          Australia     3,011,914 oz
MARIGOLDGOLDCORPJoint venture66.7Production          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain3,007,053 oz
MARIGOLDBARRICK GOLDJoint venture33.3Production          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain3,007,053 oz
MARIGOLDFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return5Production          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain3,007,053 oz
MARIGOLDROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return2Production          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain3,007,053 oz
CAROSUE DAMSARACEN MINERALS HOLDINGSOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia2,999,451 oz
CERRO SAN PEDRONEW GOLDOwner100Production          Mexico     2,979,331 oz
CERRO SAN PEDROFRANCO NEVADA1.95Production          Mexico     2,979,331 oz
MERRIESPRUIT 3HARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Free state2,970,375 oz
OCAMPOAURICOInterest100Production          Mexico     Chihuahua2,939,013 oz
WEST RAND (JV)- MOGALE PROJECTSMINTAILSJoint venture50Production          South Africa     Gauteng2,927,467 oz
ORISYVOFRESNILLOJoint venture56Production          Mexico     Sierra Madre2,883,922 oz
ROBINSON MINEQUADRAFNXOwner100Production          USA     Nevada2,829,958 oz
PHU KHAM COPPER GOLD MINEPANAUSTOwner90Production          Laos     2,785,541 oz
Gosowong Mine (kencana)NEWCRESTJoint venture82.5Production          Indonesia     Halmahera Island2,764,964 oz
LUGUSHWABANROOwner100Production          Congo Dem. Rep. of     2,736,029 oz
BARBERTON MINESPAN AFRICAN RES.Owner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga2,692,750 oz
BARBERTON MINESMETOREXProduction          South Africa     Mpumalanga2,692,750 oz
FALGOLD AND OLYMPUS PROJECTSCENTRAL AFRICAN GOLDOwner100Production          Zimbabwe     2,677,616 oz
FOSTERVILLE MINENORTHGATE MINERALSOwner100Production          Australia     Victoria2,532,711 oz
SAMIRA HILLSEMAFOJoint venture50Production          Niger     2,530,015 oz
NEVADA STOCKPILESNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     Nevada2,529,858 oz
LEEVILLE MINING COMPLEXNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend2,518,561 oz
LEEVILLE MINING COMPLEXROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return1.8Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend2,518,561 oz
LILY MINEVANTAGE GOLDFIELDSInterest74Production          South Africa     Barberton Mountainland2,501,360 oz
ZARUMADYNASTY METALSOwner100Production          Ecuador     El Oro2,493,365 oz
ZARUMAIAMGOLDNet Smelter Return1.5Production          Ecuador     El Oro2,493,365 oz
HOLLISTERGREAT BASIN GOLDOwner100Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend2,489,590 oz
HOLLISTERFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return3Production          USA     NevadaCarlin Trend2,489,590 oz
San AndresProduction          Honduras     Copán2,444,919 oz
SAN DIMASPRIMERO MININGOwner100Production          Mexico      Durango2,438,554 oz
BEREZITOVYHIGH RIVER GOLDOwner99Production          Russia     Amurskaya Oblast2,407,088 oz
EAST RAND - ERGOMINTAILSJoint venture50Production          South Africa     2,340,984 oz
EAST RAND - ERGODRDGOLDJoint venture50Production          South Africa     2,340,984 oz
EVANDER STOCKPILEHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga2,288,522 oz
NORTH LANUTAVOCET MININGInterest80Production          Indonesia     2,252,414 oz
NORTH LANUTFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return5Production          Indonesia     2,252,414 oz
LIBERTAD MINEB2GOLDOwner100Production          Nicaragua     2,237,025 oz
TANJIANSHANELDORADO GOLDOwner90Production          China     Qinghai2,225,865 oz
CADIA HILLNEWCRESTOwner100Production          Australia     New South Wales2,218,402 oz
LEFA MINECREW GOLDOwner100Production          Guinea     2,202,976 oz
SEPON GOLDMinmetals100Production          Laos     Savannakhet Province2,201,651 oz
ANDACOLLO HYPOGENETECKInterest90Production          Chile     2,188,598 oz
ANDACOLLO HYPOGENEROYAL GOLDRoyaltyProduction          Chile     2,188,598 oz
GRANNY SMITH MINEBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia2,181,010 oz
NUKAYGOLDCORPOwner100Production          Mexico     Guerrero2,170,799 oz
TARMOOLAINTERNATIONAL ROYALTYNet Smelter Return1.5Production          Australia     Western Australia2,121,949 oz
NZEMAADAMUS RESOURCESInterest100Production          Ghana     2,117,313 oz
VELARDENA DISTRICTGOLDEN MINERALSOwner100Production          Mexico     DurangoSierra Madre2,049,719 oz
BIBIANICENTRAL AFRICAN GOLDOwner100Production          Ghana     2,048,967 oz
MULATOS MINE -ESTRELLAROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return2Production          Mexico     Sonora2,037,470 oz
PomalaaPt Antam TbkProduction          Indonesia     Sulawesi2,026,231 oz
JUNDEENEWMONTOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia2,012,500 oz
CgrDRDGOLDOwner100Production          South Africa     2,006,843 oz
BARBROOKEASTERN GOLDFIELDSOwner100Production          South Africa     Mpumalanga2,003,700 oz
Bullabulling PropertyJervoisOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia2,001,384 oz
HERRADURAFRESNILLOJoint venture56Production          Mexico     Sonora1,973,413 oz
HERRADURANEWMONTJoint venture44Production          Mexico     Sonora1,973,413 oz
SAN FRANCISCOTIMMINS GOLDInterest50Production          Mexico     Sonora1,973,236 oz
MOUNT POLLEYIMPERIALInterest100Production          Canada     British Columbia1,966,430 oz
WHITE MOUNTAINELDORADO GOLDOwner95Production          China     Jilin1,965,086 oz
AMANTAYTAU - OXIDEOXUS GOLDInterest50Production          Uzbekistan     Kyzylkum Region1,960,411 oz
TROILUSINMET MININGOwner100Production          Canada     Quebec1,927,357 oz
TIMMINS MINELAKE SHORE GOLDOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario1,908,648 oz
Hycroft (crofoot-lewis) MineALLIED NEVADAOwner100Production          USA     Nevada1,890,001 oz
SOUTH MINE COMPLEXQUEENSTON MININGJoint venture50Production          Canada     Ontario1,888,030 oz
SOUTH MINE COMPLEXKIRKLAND LAKE GOLDJoint venture50Production          Canada     Ontario1,888,030 oz
SOUTH KAL MINESHARMONY GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia1,880,497 oz
SÃO FRANCISCOYAMANA GOLD100Production          Brazil     Mato Grosso1,867,344 oz
SOUTH KALDIOROOwner49Production          Australia     Western Australia1,848,573 oz
EfemçukuruELDORADO GOLDOwner100Production          Turkey     1,834,978 oz
Yanacocha MineNEWMONTProduction          Peru     1,806,570 oz
BEYINHARELDORADO GOLDOwner100Production          China     Inner Mongolia1,791,118 oz
MACASSAKIRKLAND LAKE GOLDOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario1,782,883 oz
HEMLOBARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Production          Canada     Ontario1,715,746 oz
HEMLOTECKJoint venture50Production          Canada     Ontario1,715,746 oz
HEMLOFRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return3Production          Canada     Ontario1,715,746 oz
RIDGEWAYNEWCRESTOwner100Production          Australia     New South Wales1,685,342 oz
ZARAFSHANNEWMONTJoint venture50Production          Uzbekistan     1,675,363 oz
LAWLERSBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     western Australia1,633,532 oz
NYALAHARMONY GOLDProduction          South Africa     1,587,250 oz
CAETÉ - ROCA GRANDEJAGUAR MININGOwner100Production          Brazil     Minas Gerais1,559,655 oz
CANDELARIAFREEPORT MCMORANInterest80Production          Chile     Copiapó1,537,256 oz
COOLGARDIEFOCUS MIN.Owner100Production          Australia     1,536,272 oz
BUCKREEFIAMGOLDOwner100Production          Tanzania     1,513,750 oz
YAOUAUPLATAOwner100Production          French Guyana     1,498,414 oz
RUBY HILLBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          USA     NevadaBattle Mountain-Eureka1,448,916 oz
CHATREEKINGSGATEOwner100Production          Thailand     1,431,351 oz
LA COIPAKINROSS GOLDOwner and Leaser100Production          Chile     Atacama1,431,091 oz
PALMAREJOCOEUR D'ALÈNEOwner100Production          Mexico     Chihuahua1,400,099 oz
PALMAREJOFRANCO NEVADARoyalty50Production          Mexico     Chihuahua1,400,099 oz
FREDA REBECCAMWANA AFRICAOwner100Production          Zimbabwe     1,395,959 oz
MOLEJON GOLD PROJECTPETAQUILLA MIN.Interest100Production          Panama     1,369,750 oz
MOLEJON GOLD PROJECTPetaquilla CopperProduction          Panama     1,369,750 oz
BLACK FOXBRIGUS GOLDOwner100Production          Canada     Ontario1,329,240 oz
BLACK FOXSandstorm GoldPurchasing Contract12Production          Canada     Ontario1,329,240 oz
PROMINENT HILLOZ MINERALS100Production          Australia     South Australia1,310,143 oz
MPUMALANGA - TGMESimmer & Jack MinesOwner100Production          South Africa     1,279,764 oz
NalunaqCREW GOLDOwner100Production          Greenland     1,261,563 oz
MINERA FLORIDAYAMANA GOLDOwner100Production          Chile     Metropolitana1,245,030 oz
MARTHA (WAIHI) MINENEWMONTOwner100Production          New Zealand     1,244,513 oz
GUELB MOGHREINFIRST QUANTUMInterest80Production          Mauritania     Akjoujt1,228,802 oz
TURMALINA - ORE BODY A & BJAGUAR MININGProduction          Brazil     Minas Gerais1,222,803 oz
LA GUITARRA & SAN RAFAELSILVERMEX RES.Owner100Production          Mexico     ChihuahuaSierra Madre1,211,049 oz
MODDER EASTGOLD ONEOwner100Production          South Africa     Gauteng1,206,338 oz
CIÉNEGAFRESNILLOOwner100Production          Mexico     Durango1,203,081 oz
WILUNA GOLD MINEAPEX MIN.Owner100Production          Australia     1,202,219 oz
PENJOMAVOCET MININGOwner100Production          Malaysia     Pahang1,190,832 oz
PEÑASQUITOGOLDCORPOwner75Production          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas1,181,379 oz
PEÑASQUITOSILVER WHEATON25Production          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas1,181,379 oz
PEÑASQUITOROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return2Production          Mexico     ZacatecasZacatecas1,181,379 oz
777 MINEHUDBAY100Production          Canada     Manitoba1,166,018 oz
777 MINECallinan RoyaltiesProduction          Canada     Manitoba1,166,018 oz
MPUMALANGA - SABLESimmer & Jack MinesOwner100Production          South Africa     1,152,070 oz
GREENS CREEKHECLA MININGOwner100Production          USA     Alaska1,142,757 oz
ZAPADNOYEPOLYUS MININGOwner100Production          Russia     Bodaibo Region1,139,422 oz
NEVADA IN PROCESSNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     Nevada1,123,675 oz
MIDASNEWMONTOwner100Production          USA     Nevada1,122,013 oz
Morro Do OuroKINROSS GOLDInterest100Production          Brazil     1,121,150 oz
DOYONIAMGOLDOwner100Production          Canada     Quebec1,111,442 oz
SAN GREGORIO MINEOROSUROwner100Production          Uruguay     1,105,321 oz
CRIXÁSKINROSS GOLDJoint venture50Production          Brazil     1,103,390 oz
CRIXÁSAnglogoldJoint venture50Production          Brazil     1,103,390 oz
MARMATO MINEColombia GoldfieldsOption on interest100Production          Colombia     Antioquia1,093,125 oz
TeresaLEPANTO CONSOLIDATED100Production          Philippines     1,081,718 oz
RANDALLSINTEGRA MININGOwner100Production          Australia     West Australia1,081,165 oz
BRIGGSATNA RESOURCESOwner100Production          USA     California1,080,328 oz
SYAMARESOLUTE MINING80Production          Mali     1,070,594 oz
GOLDEN GROVEMinmetalsOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia1,064,897 oz
DARLOTBARRICK GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     western Australia1,038,635 oz
DARLOTCENTRAL IRON OREOption on interest51Production          Australia     western Australia1,038,635 oz
AftonABACUS MININGOwner100Production          Canada     1,026,927 oz
IDAHO-MARYLANDEMGOLD MININGInterest100Production          USA     Nevada1,023,609 oz
MNV-MNOGOVERSHINNOYEHIGHLAND GOLDOwner100Production          Russia     Khabarovsk1,022,140 oz
MORILAAnglogoldJoint venture40Production          Mali     1,021,387 oz
MORILARANDGOLD RES.Joint venture40Production          Mali     1,021,387 oz
BOGOSO / PRESTEAGOLDEN STARInterest90Production          Ghana     1,013,906 oz
EL CHANATECAPITAL GOLDOwner100Production          Mexico     Sonora1,006,342 oz
EL CHANATEROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return4Production          Mexico     Sonora1,006,342 oz
Agnes MineGalaxy GoldOwner100Production          South Africa     1,000,000 oz
ROUND MOUNTAINBARRICK GOLDJoint venture50Production          USA     Nevada988,813 oz
ROUND MOUNTAINKINROSS GOLDJoint venture50Production          USA     Nevada988,813 oz
SAN JOSE ARGENTINAHOCHSCHILDJoint venture51Production          Argentina     Santa Cruz986,209 oz
SAN JOSE ARGENTINAMCEWEN MININGJoint venture49Production          Argentina     Santa Cruz986,209 oz
HIGGINSVILLE - TRIDENTALACER GOLDOwner100Production          Australia     Western Australia984,398 oz
BISHANEVSUN RES.Owner60Production          Eritrea     968,332 oz
PIPELINE MINING COMPLEXBARRICK GOLDJoint venture60Production          USA     Nevada967,000 oz
PIPELINE MINING COMPLEXROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return0.7Production          USA     Nevada967,000 oz
KINIEROSEMAFOOwner100Production          Guinea     948,408 oz
SOUTHERN CROSS - MARVEL LOCHST BARBARAProduction          Australia     948,383 oz
ROBINSON (NEVADA)FRANCO NEVADANet Smelter Return5Production          USA     Nevada940,885 oz
ROBINSON (NEVADA)ROYAL GOLDNet Smelter Return3Production          USA     Nevada940,885 oz
FROG'S LAKELA MANCHA RES.Joint venture51Production          Australia     Kalgoorlie938,242 oz
FROG'S LAKEDIOROJoint venture49Production          Australia     Kalgoorlie938,242 oz
BLANKETCALEDONIA MININGOwner100Production          Zimbabwe     931,369 oz
KUBINEVSUN RES.90Production          Ghana     928,841 oz
KUBIAnglogoldProduction          Ghana     928,841 oz